After death it is only right that we should consider life!
It is said that if we find our true life purpose we will find happiness.
I would turn it through 180 and say find happiness and your true life purpose will be revealed to you.

What is it that makes you happy?
Well, in view of the volumes of baggage which we collect on our journey it is often helpful to look back into the recent past, to find what some consider to be those elusive feelings of happiness. You know, what was it in your childhood, teens, early adult life etc., that made you laugh, gave you the giggles, made you feel on top of the world?

Now, is it possible in the process of knowing yourself to get rid of that unwanted baggage which was probably not yours in the first place and to hold on only to your own and then see if those precious moments of happiness, at whatever period of your life, can be found again right now?

Having past my three score years and ten, I can say that the things which made me happy changed as I made my way forward on this particular journey of life, but strangely enough the underlying purpose remain mainly the same. I don’t exactly know where that came from, but it was to help others as much as I could.

You see, I believe that happiness is in fact the realisation of a pattern to your existence which, as any mandala maker will tell you, can change with time and is the manifestation of the reaching of a certain level of consciousness.

Since consciousness is synonymous with mind and Spirit, the guide in this life, the pathway itself of this journey is open to change as the reaching of the many milestones directs, and those same milestones did change my pattern and the very things which gave me those euphoric feelings of happiness.

Always handy with my hands, in my early married life my hobby was renovating antiques which of necessity changed into DIY as the needs of a growing family demanded, and came into prominence living in the Spanish Campo for twelve years.

When in business it was said that my pen was indeed mightier than any sword and could strike fear into the recipients of my snag lists and criticisms of work done on our behalf or indeed of the actions of our own members of staff.

As I say patterns change and although I was as happy as a sand boy creating a shoe locker out of virtually nothing, here at this late age, it was such a strain on arthritic hands that I had to concede that that piece of the present tapestry would have to remain in the archive and so the pattern changed to less demanding creativity.

Similarly that almost poison pen has now been put to better use writing these spiritual essays and an example of the changes can be seen from the first poem I wrote at college in 1960, and the only one that year, to now at least one a week or 52 per annum in 2015.

Having a good imagination and the urge from a Spirit that is in no doubt of the path to tread, has helped tremendously to provide me with the clues as to the sources of happiness showing the way to a true purpose.

I have to admit there was also an outside influence which gave the opposite to happiness in the last few years where my missing of family urged me to try to engineer a way back to them, as they could not come to see me and at the moment of that realisation I had no idea that this would be the spark to show the purpose as the light to a calling for my future life in the greatest partnership I have ever experienced.

So if you are in doubt, and often the fact that you cannot find your purpose is presented in such a way as to make you feel lacking in that respect, there is only one option open to you and here it might seem a little selfish, but if you follow the guideline of finding what makes you happy and stop worrying about everyone else, as your feelings change, prompted by renewed happiness, you will begin to recognise where your true purpose lies.

As is often the case happiness leads to true purpose and true purpose found leads to greater happiness and so the circle is complete and can only expand with time.
So, how is your journey going? Are you feeling happy? Now you know the way!
Find and be happy in true purpose and complete your own circle.
With Love, Hanukah & the Angel.


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