Odd how this one keeps cropping up, although not so odd I guess as it is one of the things that’s certain, but which everybody thinks about and nobody wants to talk about!

But hear this: Death becomes us all far more than ever we could conceive. We spend so much time, energy and cash on staying alive and trying to extend our span, even to the extent of travelling the world in search of the secrets of those who have passed the Century mark. While others want out now!

The number of diets proposed to put on or take off what we do or don’t want never mind to stay healthy are truly mind boggling, which when tried will not necessarily help any of us in our quest for health and old age, other than the deciders of the diets who delight in the delicacies to suit themselves believing they will also suit the rest of us too! Or is it just to sell another book on the ever popular topics of eating and dieting?

There is a built in intricate piece of software sitting securely on the shoulders of our Spirit named, not conscience, but Consciousness which enables or perhaps demands that we search through all of our challenges for ways to extend life to the limit.

But to where does that limit extend?

Past all of our challenges which life throws up, sure, but different for us all, wouldn’t you say? Some even to the point where a challenge or a collection of challenges proves too much and at whatever age we can take no more! Then there are those whose task is done, their quest complete and it is time to move on which we may not be conscious of but Consciousness sure does, leaving others to grieve.

Knowing and believing as I do: death should be a celebration! OK it leaves us in a pickle on occasions especially if the one who passed has not had the foresight to consider death and put personal affairs in order, but to celebrate their life and wish them well without grieving for one’s own loss, for that is what grief really is, a feeling of personal lack! Let grief be brief and if there are tears let them wash away feelings of lack and learn to love life alone again.

However, there are some who have come close to what we see as the final moment of transition, having been pronounced dead on the operating table! How strange that they should all come back to life and to waking consciousness remembering that piece of coding, all with such similar stories of their recall of the bright tunnel event. Consciousness decided it was not their time to leave. Strange?

Well, not so strange actually because there would be little point in giving a different description to everyone. Think about it!

For a start what would be the point in giving a transition experience which was so vague or say, opposite to others that we had no idea what to expect? The fear factor of death would only increase!

Imagination, a part of that consciousness, has to have an input since the creative aspect of consciousness must begin from a point of preconception, a prior picture or story and nothing would be presented to another consciousness to frighten, but only to find similarity with others. It would be silly to assume that we could be so different as to have completely opposing experiences of near death. Would it not?

Of course the other side of the coin of death flipped frequently recently, in this fracturing world, in more ways than one, is the possibility of us demolishing Earth beyond our definite depletion and extermination of species, albeit by the likes of death dealing dentists, to the absolute necessity to find another Planet to plunder.

So how long do we think that will take and how many generations flying through light years of space or deaths in transit are we likely to go through and will our spaceship become a ‘Noah’s Arc’ of remaining species from Earth? Nothing wild you understand, just a few ship trained pets!

Or by that moment in time will we have discovered how to avoid death, at least in transit, by finding the secret of folding Space? Mind you as any Origami expert will tell you, you have to know exactly where to put the crease in order to reach your desired design, or in this case a Planet where porridge is just at the right temperature!

But you know death is not the ending which most of us have been brought up to believe, but merely a moment of transition from one state to another and let me assure you that the next state after this one is nothing like this one, nothing like a near death experience which by its very nature is securely connected to the creative concept of a human existence.

So where does that leave us, before we all leave each other?

I believe that death needs a new definition! One that gives within itself the conclusion of presence here on the planet with a quest complete, the possibility of return and the recognition of the multitude of other options which the Soul has to choose from, for its next journey of experience into the vastness of Space.
Will you join me on that Journey?
Live in Light, Love and imagination, with Hanukah & the Angel.


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  1. We are already upon that journey… Its one I am going to embrace with joy… when that time arrives.. For this will be my next great adventure I have undertaken many times before, but forgotten .. 🙂 I just hope my planet of choice to return will have also embraced more Joy before I get reborn.. 🙂


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