Counterpart theory (hereafter “CT”), as formulated by Lewis, requires that individuals exist in only one world. The standard account of possible worlds assumes that a modal statement about an individual (e.g., “it is possible that x is y”) means that there is a possible world, W, where the individual x has the property y; in this case there is only one individual, x, at issue. On the contrary, counterpart theory supposes that this statement is really saying that there is a possible world, W, wherein exists an individual that is not x itself, but rather a distinct individual ‘x’
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Needless to say neither will I go into the difference between the Kripkean View and CT, but the whole of these differing views seems to me to rely on the simple fact that every other populated world is the same or similar to our own which if I may say so in my limited explorations, but experience of profound teachings is highly unlikely, even though I do believe in other life forms throughout the Universe.

Having said that: there is a substantial similarity between us and those who visited us in the remote past, who admittedly could only stand our environment for a limited period, even though their possible lifespan was at least ten times longer than our own average at the time, but how else could they have imparted the God Gene to enhance our DNA and enable the giant leap in human consciousness were they not similar in that fundamental way?

But if this is getting a bit too complicated lets break it down for a moment. It has been said that we two, partners in crime, although different in many ways, together make a good and whole person, in other words One!

So having been through the Soul Mate syndrome in the past perhaps a short reminder would help to steer us in the right direction – many imagine that when they find their Soul Mate their life will be complete or those who think they are already found consider their lives perfect. My view is that it is no good looking since your Soul Mate already exists, can never exist in this dimension because in short it is the twin of your Soul and is the direct connection to the Logos.

Better perhaps to look for a Counter Part (Soul Mate if you like), as opposed to Counterpart or the Counterpoint relationship between voices in music, so that your strengths and weaknesses are finely balanced with those of another person who, let’s face it, could be of either sex for sex as such should not come into this particular equation although of course it might in a particular case!

The essential Part as far as I am concerned is not to worry about the possibilities of x, y or W but to live in the present moment on this Earth and to concern yourself with the relationships which you hold dear and to foster new relationships to bring the possibility of Oneness where we all become not the same, but together as equal citizens of Planet Earth in respect and love for one another.

We should get used to getting along with one another, whatever we like to call it, for rest assured in the not too distant future there may come a time when we will need to do just that when there is nothing left for us here and we have to find somewhere else for us to live in the vastness of space.

Unless of course you are of that turn of mind, consciousness or Spirit which believes that we would be better off to just give up here and look forward to a life after death when we would not have to worry about the method of travel because according to the demands of experience deemed necessary by the Soul we would be reborn on a new planet in a new life form and not remembering a single second of this chaotic existence here on Planet Earth, which we will in the not too distant future have totally decimated.

Do you think that in a new environment, again with Free-will, we would have learned how to live without depleting our new home?

Would we be as desperate to find a Counter Part (Soul Mate), or would we be content to sing a totally different song in the harmonies of Counterpoint and be content to live a life of individuality and singular experience, solely for the benefit of the Soul?

Of course others may see this scenario as a copout and whether or not they do to a new home what they have done to this one, they look forward to exploring the vast playground of Space, which after all is there for us to fathom and use for our own experience, is it not?

So whichever Counter you lean on to get what you want beware of Counterfeit for belief of some may be seen as counterfeit by others! In this age of discernment as always you need to exercise your Free-will for only you know what is true and that which is false for you.

In truth with Love, from Hanukah & the Angel.


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