Waking to a silvered dawn
With clouds of shadowed lawn
In shades of grey and silver
Bright white sun sends a shiver
Nature’s lantern shows the way
Blinding through the hedge of May.

Strange as it may feel
Gold never did appeal.
Unlike most who relish
Almost to a golden fetish,
And when all else fails
Gold, the standard hails.

To my mind for all its carats
Might just as well be carrots
For I prefer a Sterling purity
Reminding me of the clarity
Of our light which must be fine
Coming as I polish and shine.

To me, Silver was His light,
Even now shining bright,
For us to ignite, finally find
Within our heart and mind.
We’re in the dark for it’s not given
Unseen without effort striven.

Will you work and strive for silver
To change from a taker to a giver?
Believe me it is worth every cent
Worth every single effort sent,
To feel the silver starting to rise,
To see light shining in your eyes!
© David Tenneson 2016.


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2 Responses to SILVER DAWN

  1. kim881 says:

    This is superb, David. I too prefer silver to gold.


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