OK, so this is one of those what if’s?
We humans in our limited conscious understanding have always attributed light to the visible spectrum, but what if light was meant to mean the light of consciousness which, difficult for us to contemplate, was the consciousness of infinity.

Can you understand, contemplate or define infinity?

Thought not! I believe that it is safe to say that only the Divine Intelligence and the conscious understanding of the Realm of Souls who watch over us would understand that level which like it or not, when all is said and done and we have experienced, and by We I mean our own Souls, have experienced all that is necessary to bring us to that level of understanding and purity to be reabsorbed into the Source of All There Is.

Perhaps then, even if we were able to maintain our individuality which we obviously will not, we would understand it too!

Let there be light for me takes on an entirely new meaning especially as the process which humanity has been passing through for eons known colloquially as Ascension and totally misinterpreted by most has nothing to do with the achievement of humankind, but of that nebulous but necessary attribute without which we could not exist of our own consciousness, synonymous with mind and Spirit!

Ascension is therefore the ascent of that attribute.

How would you measure that?

When you look around you at the greatest migration of disaffected souls on Earth since World War II and the equally devastating response of most countries in Europe to their pleas for asylum, due to conflicts in Africa and the Middle East you must begin to wonder if there is any chance at all for the ascent of human consciousness.

Man’s inhumanity to man has taken a mega leap in un-forgiveness! Wouldn’t you say? And still there are those who would exclude any foreign nationals from within their hallowed halls or even boundaries!

The strange dichotomy is that there are those whom we would all have assumed to be of good family upbringing and education rushing to join the band of brigands and in return in the opposite direction we are having to accommodate those ordinary decent folk whose lives have been shattered by those of our own who will return, if not themselves killed on a misguided crusade, to try to commit those same atrocities within the communities that gave them birth, education and the safe haven which others so desperately seek.

Where are we going?

Let there be respect:
If only we could all respect the choice of others to find their own pathways to the Divine, the Lord Logos.
Let there be peace:
Let peace begin in the hearts of all, to spread around the world.
Let there be Love:
Let love replace the greed that rules the lives of so many.

It is said that we cannot understand want until we have nothing!
Let us hope that we do not have to experience that torment before we understand, seeing so many willing to risk their lives not to ask for money, but to reach freedom and a place of safety from war violence and murder.

It is said that to change the world change must begin within each one of us:
Let change begin!

With Love, from Hanukah & the Angel.


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Devonian writer
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2 Responses to LET THERE BE

  1. Yes too much of Man’s inhumanity to man I agree David.. and are we not being shown the ways in which we can reach out and share our light and love, yet so many are still stuck in fear of sharing what they have for fear others will have more..
    I hope more see we have to begin with ourselves and alter our perceptions that have been indoctrinated down the ages into our psyche


    • David says:

      So agree dear Sue, I sometimes wonder where we carry our brains full of erroneous thoughts. In our heads? Our hearts? Or somewhere else, misdirected by a mal infected consciousness due to upbringing and environment. Yes, we are all unique and I bless our differences but why do we have to be so different, to harm each other with no respect or care for the other? All is not well in the State of Denmark! Love, David

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