What is it that appeals
To humans in the round?
This planetary plane
That calls and then falls
And seems to let us down.

But then in contact
Something in us soars
We respond in kind
To vibrations all around
That find a solace in the mind.

Sometime in the remote past
We found the navigation stone
With stars, saw the ocean not so vast
A lump of rock and piece of twine
Allowed our finding home at last.

We were relying on the outside
Ignoring what was inside!
Wondering how birds find their way
We had the answer all along
Although we dare not say.

We listen to the choir and wonder
What attraction draws us near
But sound is a vibration
As are the Northern Lights
And still we miss the message.

We are attracted to each other
Is that by likeable looks alone?
Or is there something else unseen,
But felt within the conscious mind
Or could it be the beating heart?

Not surprising that a beating pump
Could be more magnetic than a brain
We live within a magnetic system
Every planet more or less
Responds to poles of magnetism.

How could it not when its source
The Sun the most powerful of all
Affects every globe and every being
But beyond even this amazing star
The Source of every star and All Is By Far!

© David Tenneson 2016.


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  1. Brilliant Poem David would that we could be more like those birds.. 🙂 Blessings my friend


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