So much reliance is put on intermediaries whether they be Imam, Priest or Vicar since all religions claim divine status for their original sources of the word and as for direct connection with any divinity, well, that would seem to be ‘verboten’ for fear of the sin of blasphemy, heresy or at the very least taking the name of the Lord in vain, and therefore his intermediaries who become a must!

It amazes me how so many can preach fear of the Lord whom I can only see as an all loving Source of All There Is! The ones I fear, if any, are those who misinterpret the Word and call themselves an Islamic State and propose to set up a Caliphate!

You probably know by now that tears are never far from the surface with me, but I can say that they are tears of anguish for the state of others, but tears of joy in my communication with the Lord Logos.

It is this joyful communication that I wish for all my readers, in fact for all, since with that sense of joy in the forefront of consciousness would there be any room for anything other than peace?

So often we hear of a better deal being achieved by cutting out the middle man, well, in this case if you could cut out all of those middle men whose fearful rhetoric drives us all to extremes we would have a better chance for peace and the oneness we all seek, wouldn’t you say?

No doubt some of these terms will test, but let me assure you that definitions will blossom like flowers opening in the light of inherent wisdom.

Perhaps I should start the ball rolling with the feeling leading to my belief that if the Divine is my Source then it must be my higher self and also my highest inspiration. As to a definition of the Divine, which is beyond our comprehension since we cannot even describe our own consciousness with our limited vocabularies, a glimmer may come at the end of the tunnel of Divine Love in due course.

But back to basics – there are quite a few mixed up kids of all ages roaming our planet and looking for answers at this time. Some unfortunately viewed by those in power, of one sort or another, as off their heads and beyond redemption and just need to be locked away, instead of being nurtured back to health.

I recall when first married I got myself into a right state, suffered a breakdown after redundancy and since healing is in the family, so to speak, I went to see the revered aunt who saw immediately that my Chakras were not only out or balance, but out of line and displaced. Luckily I was straightened out and with a bit of down to earth counselling I was put back on track.

Can you therefore imagine the state of the Chakras of those poor benighted souls who find themselves out of work, out of love and disaffected to the point where they can’t wait to join a band of brothers to fight for a cause hailed as holy, not caring if their own lives are put at risk, in fact willing deliberately to commit suicide so long as they kill others after chasing the bait, following the demonic rhetoric of IS, probably never even heard of a Chakra and not having a clue of the untold damage they will inflict on their families, their countries or their religions!

So from the last post I ask: can a leopard change his or her spots?

The answer I believe is yes, but it takes time, it takes healing and counselling of a very special kind, but most of all it takes love, love of ourselves, sufficient to have the courage to change our own beliefs.

Next Question. Is there the possibility of prevention of the parade of people joining any criminal element such as a gang of thugs including IS?

Again I believe the answer has to be yes!

I am sure I don’t need to say that prevention takes a societal change, but is not impossible. Thomas Grey said, in his Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College, “Where ignorance is bliss ’tis folly to be wise”.
I believe that ignorance is the barrier to prevention.

Through the Grace of God which is showered upon us 24/7 we are inspired to become aware of everything and everyone and if you are a parent today you will know how difficult it is to monitor what your children get up to, who they talk to and are influenced by, as in this age most of it happens on social media!

In fact as soon as they start school you begin to lose track, contact and often respect secretly if not openly as they approach the teens. There are no classes, all any of us can do is to keep as unobtrusively close to our offspring as possible encouraging then to appreciate the finer things in life including each other and most of all themselves. Hopefully they will begin to appreciate the joy of communication with the Divine.

I have to say though that hoping to have any positive influence when they get to their teens is just wishful thinking and your loving influence must begin at birth!
With Love, from Hanukah & the Angel.


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  1. A truly wonderful post my friend, one in which I do wish many more people would read and I agree fully that there are many troubled souls out there who are truly lost and tainted by the few that interpret the words of the Lord within all faith’s to suit their own need and agendas. We are all part of Humanity, we are all of one ‘Source’ and we can change, change for the better if only we could all individually connect with our ‘Higher Self’ we would see the light and the beauty that it offers to us and to our world. One day my friend, one day!..Namaste to you for being a beacon of light 🙂 With Love, Mark


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