All of you young ones who look at a face
Turned on or turned off in your media haste
Did it ever occur to look at a heart full of grace
Before heart throb printed, on your wall you paste?

It is said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder
If you read any beauty mag you will feel ugly
And I ask you to become just a little bolder
To look beyond what’s in front to the actual me.

None of us know exactly where we are going
It may surprise you to know where I’ve been!
You only see what I now am becoming
An ugly old man, who to you looks obscene?

At your age you believe that you know it all,
But the more that you learn there’s far more to know
With degrees and diplomas arrayed on the wall
They are nothing compared into which you may grow.

Take it from me, this old one out of the race
Never stop searching, reading and learning apace
There’s so much stored in this great human race
And also hidden behind this wrinkled old face!

If you’re diligently searching for instant success
You won’t find it without, which somebody owes.
Minding your consciousness is the route to happiness
Knowing yourself inside is how your energy flows.

If young and memory fails, talk to the oldest aunty
She will tell you where you’ve come from, and been!
You see the old have their uses, amazing? Aplenty!
Despite degrees, wisdom comes with age I’ve seen.

When you look at that old face and vacant stare
Don’t think it’s the pain which we cannot bear
We are recalling those days we’d run like a hare
The fortune we made and then lost in a share.

We’re also remembering those we have lost
All friends and loved ones, like frozen in frost
Frozen in time, but replaced with our own
Children now grown with those of their own.

We don’t last forever, but it’s a joy to have known
When you get to my age you’ll begin to recall
Take nothing for granted, but make it your own
For now make them happy, those memories all!

© David Tenneson 2016.


About David

Devonian writer
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3 Responses to YOUTH & OLD AGE

  1. I remember well speaking to my Aunt David to find out the history of my family 🙂 Lovely poem and we are all as Young as we feel.. 🙂


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