There has been an assumption, in trying to make sense of our changing attitudes and feelings, that alternate or certain Chakras have associations with others. In this process of course we have had to ascribe conditions and associations to the very Chakras which in this dimension do not in fact exist!

In the long ago it took the ‘vision’ of those who at least understood or actually spoke the language of Sanskrit from which the word Chakra came, meaning wheel, to give any semblance of meaning in our limited vocabularies to centres of what seemed like almost indistinguishable revolving wheels of energy.

We have been taught about the placement of the seven major Chakras to line up with the human endocrine glands, their colours to match the colours of our rainbow and even given them names in an ancient language which our teachers expect us all to read, learn and inwardly remember, instead of the simple terms associated with our own bodies in our own languages.

Consequently there are volumes in print of the specific nature, revolution speeds and associations to concur with the nature of our hormonal balance in the body and of course prettily displayed as lotus flowers with varying numbers of petals to denote the specific speed of revolution of each.

But what if the Chakras did not revolve? But acted rather like miniature black holes allowing energies to flow in both directions? Think about it! Black holes are far more than they may at first seem and are more numerous than the dreaded dustbins of the Universe first proposed by searching scientists. At least we now understand the possibility of a reversal of flow through Hawking Radiation!

I was taught by two different healing organisations who were at odds over the meaning and associations of two of the Chakras and consequently left me to make my own mind up over many years. Was this their way of allowing me my Free-will to choose for myself? I think not! Just that they could not and probably still cannot agree. I did mention limited vocabularies and of course semantics by our opposing interpretations must also play their part!

In fact I believe that they do not need to agree since contrary to centuries of teaching the Chakras are certainly not fixed as many a Master and great Guru would have us believe. Think about that for a moment! How else could the Kundalini rise if the system it represents were static? For that matter is anything in the Universe static?

It seems that it pleases mankind to make things as complex as possible and therefore as non-understandable as can be so that we will keep coming back for more and more inconclusive answers when in truth the answers in most cases are simple and let’s face it, dare I say, down to earth when daring to speak of energies crossing to other dimensions?

So, on the premise that the Chakras are in fact mobile do you think that this would account for the feeling in our throat which should in fact normally be felt in your guts on occasions?

It is a known fact and largely undisputed between teachers that without the proper instruction, training and correct practice we can be in for problems. Now, I say correct practice because with no understanding of what each level means with its incorrect interpretation and bad practice the Kundalini may be raised in some susceptible folks to unnatural levels giving rise to aberrations in the mind and a degree of madness setting in to the consciousness.

When I met my biological father’s family when I was forty three, I was asked if I suffered from the family disease. ‘What’s that?’ I asked. ‘Madness’ was the reply. Luckily this meant that we were all as daft as snakes! When explained I could only say, ‘Yes, of course!’

However I do not believe that a protracted tuition over many years is the right answer either since a kettle off the boil does not make good tea!

Learning comes most easily through interest and it is important to keep that kettle simmering for the information to soak in for a good brew, and a good mash, to remain for real enjoyment and appreciation of each and every nuance of every blend.

Like any good wine it is worth taking time to try the nose or scent of the vintage in a large glass capable of allowing the wine to circulate and find oxygen then there are the nuances of the flavours as the nectar hits the various areas of the tongue and then of course the colour.

Now we are led to believe in the colours of the Chakras and having believed my tutors and with a strong imagination I admit to having seen the changing colours of the various Chakras, but let me ask you this: What if the Chakras had no colour and were as above just like miniature Black Holes? Thank about it!
Is our imagination as good as a belief given to us by others?

Perhaps all we need is to believe our own truth and our spots will change automatically? With Love, from Hanukah & the Angel.


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