Half a pillow, half a pillow, wish I had slumbered
Counting those sheep I was severely outnumbered
Through mild adjustment, no one had blundered
I made my extension as length was renumbered.

Not overlong, but maybe it’s the way that I sleep
However hard I try there’s an overhang of feet!
At the touch of a button the frame rises and falls
Not on a whim, but as the body’s ache calls.

Or perhaps on retiring a book calls to read
The backrest is elevated exactly as I need,
Just as King Tut’s feet were raised every night
Mine are raised an inch above the level height.

Enabling the blood to run back to its source
And avoid swollen ankles as a matter of course.
So much we can learn from the remote past
Many we thought thick were of a different caste!

So, some get away with three hours of slumber
Whereas I need my eight through any rumble
Of thunder, an hour after lunch adds another one
Which makes me wonder how I get anything done!

Healing can occur even when you’re asleep
At least you’re not absorbed in counting sheep.
In cases of severe trauma forced sleep in a coma
Releases the spirit and enables body to heal over.

Well, the bed was extended by a full hand span
Which made all the difference to desperate Dan!
But in truth I invariably sleep in foetus position,
I’ll sleep like a baby having made the decision.

This of course is all fabrication just to fill time,
It is said I would sleep if hung on a clothes line!
I hope you enjoyed this day dream from bedtime
And laughed at the many an outrageous rhyme.
© David Tenneson 2016.


About David

Devonian writer
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