The Plimsoll Line is known as the maximum permissible deadweight (i.e. when a ship is fully loaded so that its Plimsoll line painted on the outside of the hull is at water level, named after its inventor Samuel Plimsoll.)

In my youth Trainers or Sneakers were known as Plimsoll shoes which were named for the shoe’s horizontal lines, which resemble the Plimsoll line on ships. The line on the ship is easily seen to be above or below the water level and with graduations painted above and below it can immediately be measured by inspectors to be correctly loaded or otherwise and by how much.

What do you imagine is our maximum permissible deadweight, obviously different for each one of us, and how can it possibly be measured?

It must come down to how much you can take before you are at a point of overload either physically, mentally or spiritually, where mentally covers all of the other aspects of consciousness including emotional and the sheer weight of life that promotes frustration, fear, love, or hate!

Some of us seem to sail through all of life’s troubles with no trouble at all when others crumble at the slightest change in direction or choppy waters encountered putting unseen strain onto their normally calm routines.

Since all of our creative energy must begin in the mind we often succumb too easily to new challenges that come up for us to see either as problems or opportunities and there is the fundamental difference which meditation for me shuffled my pack so beautifully and allowed me to see a much better hand being dealt for me to play.

It literally all came down to the way I saw those cards in the hand dealt!

Does life get you down at times? Does it feel like you are carrying so much deadweight that you have dipped below your Plimsoll Line?
I believe that it is time again to outline the benefits of what we call HPT or Highly Precious Time in other words Meditation, bearing in mind these benefits could change your life:
There is the Value of Visualisation.
The Value of Focus leading to increased efficiency.
The Value of Solution seeing problems as opportunities to resolve.
The Value of Relationship which HPT will bring you change for the better.
The Value of Healing or Well-being which will take you along the path to the realisation that: ‘talking to yourself is the beginning of wisdom’.

I will leave you to find out the rest under the category of HPT – Benefits.

Did it ever occur to you that the dead weight which you are carrying might not be yours at all? The tender Root Chakra in a young child, even before birth is loaded with stuff which by rights should stay with the mother and thereafter with parents, carers, relations and teachers whose own agendas should stay with them but unfortunately are all too often offloaded onto the young.

We carry this excess baggage, which if we were boarding an aircraft we would be charged for, but there is no recourse for us when what we carry we not only assume, but unfortunately believe to be ours when it really belongs to others. You know what they ask at check-in, did you pack this yourself?

This assumption becomes our firm belief which in the process of knowing ourselves we find out just exactly what we should carry and what we should let go of as not being our own. You see, the benefits of your HPT meditation enable you to sort the wheat from the chaff so that by clearing the decks of your consciousness you can start with a clean slate with only your own writing upon it.

The result is predictable since without all other people’s dead weights you rise above the Plimsoll Line and become a new and buoyant person, knowing yourself and knowing that your true feelings have brought you to your own true beliefs.

That last phrase says it all, because if you are at all unsure about what are your beliefs and what have come from others then look carefully at how you feel about every facet of your life.

This intense scrutiny which you carry out without interference from anyone else will tell you exactly how you feel, and I mean really feel, about everything which will lead you unerringly to your own true feelings and therefore your true beliefs.
Now you can be true to yourself!

If still in doubt put on your plimsolls, sorry trainers, and go for a run!
With Love, from Hanukah & the Angel.


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