Written while still in the heat of Spain


How many times have we heard a shriek

That heralds a monster, not to say a freak!

Trying to get out, but slipping down

Many turn the tap and watch it drown.


How unkind and makes you wonder

In ‘water boarding’ how we’d flounder.

We are at best inhuman to each other

And those species that scare us are another.


This wave of heat allows them all to grow

To sizes bigger than we usually know

And the fear grows much bigger too

We’d run a mile crying, ‘boo hoo!’


The monsters crave a drink and water cool

But end up at the bottom of our salty pool.

How sad an end, trying to quench a thirst

If only they’d dipped one of eight feet in first.


But what of a mosquito hidden in the loo

Would that not be cause for a hullabaloo?

Now where did I put the fly swat? Quick!

That’ll sort the problem with a slick flick!


Flying friends of all colours on the wing

I do adore especially when I hear them sing

But minute monsters of all the flying kind

Are abhorred as nuisance to all humankind.


They may be food for something in the chain

But many wish them washed down the drain

They bring disease in their many multitude

And cause the deaths of many a human dude.


Let’s face it, to cap it all it must be said

Is the spider in the bath you’d rather dead?

How many more would we rather kill

To keep as trophy or they make us ill?


Is there not a place for us all on planet Earth?

We are in danger of creating a complete dearth

Of all living things, save us in greediness

Or we’ll just end up in eternal loneliness!

© David Tenneson 2016.


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Devonian writer
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6 Responses to SPIDER in the BATH

  1. Excellent poem dear David.. once upon a time maybe I would have turn on the tap.. But the years of waking up shows us that we all deserve life, be it a spider or a worm.. So you will find me now with glass in hand and paper card in the other to carry him safe with a parting farewell of asking him/her to make their home somewhere else.. And a thought to the insect Devas to keep them safe from humans. 🙂


  2. Jackie Jain says:

    Wow David sir.. You have expressed the pain felt by the humans in this era.. We all know we are in dangerous situation, where lot of diseases are spreading everywhere, money is occupying people’s brains, climate is changing every time, global warming, robbery, murders, poverty.. Just wish that all this suffering comes to an end.. Have a great weekend.. 🙂


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