Patience is a long waiting game
I wish it had another short name
That did not have the need to wait
Implying something was always late.

To show impatience we are chastised
Until what we want is happily realised.
When what we want actually appears
There are parties, popped corks and cheers.

It’s all about our volatile expectation
Pulling future into present situation
Trying to make nebulous non-existence
Into the manifested, preferred presence.

But with contentment in the moment
There’d be no need for being patient
Realising that God only exists now
Not in the past or future, no how!

We would not wish for Godlessness
We need peace of mind in consciousness
Acceptance of our own status quo
Having done our best in all we know.

Patience is not a question of sitting still
But creating every open void to fill
Preparing the present for the future
Which the Universe will only nurture.

In Universal time the right moment
Will, always, all good things augment
As patience is rewarded in this way
As tomorrow always becomes today.
© David Tenneson 2016.


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Devonian writer
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  1. Excellent David.. I am finding more Contentment within the Moment of my Now.. Great poetry


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