Where does the sun go at sunset Mama?
Can we be sure it will come back at sunrise Papa?
If Earth is a ball why don’t people fall off Mama?
How does water keep flowing down the river Papa?

When I sleep Mama how do I wake in the morning?
When it rains why doesn’t it keep on pouring?
Does someone turn a tap to make it stop?
When I burst a balloon what makes it go ‘Pop!’?

My son, there is a thing called big G
Which makes an apple fall from a tree
Keeps us on the earth walking free
No matter on which side we may be.

The sun allows the clouds to rise from the ocean
And the rain they bring is for the plants to grow
Lakes to fill and all the streams and rivers to flow
Clouds empty & rain stops as more rise from the ocean.

When I start work Papa how successful will I be?
Some measure success by cows more than three
Or by the amount of gold hidden in a sanctuary
It really depends on what you call successfully.

I hope that you my son and daughter will be happy
Because my measure is how happy you will be!
The How and the Why does not matter if you are free,
Free to use your Divine Gift of Free-will to be happy.
© David Tenneson 2016.


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  1. Yes the How and Why doesn’t matter…. Its all a matter of how we perceive our happiness and freedom.. Loved this perspective in your poem..


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