We become fearful of people of other colours than ourselves, which leads to discrimination and racism. When applying for work it is often assumed by employers that applicants of a different colour cannot be as intelligent as themselves or as capable for work.

You could not imagine other beings unless you had seen some image beforehand of other life forms of a totally different colour to anyone on Earth which we would perhaps term as alien, but supposing they were ten times more intelligent than those of us with the highest IQ?

I know, not difficult when we use only ten percent of the capacity of our brains!

Suppose that their colour was various shades of green: The fear quotient would soar in our minds despite their intelligence and therefore the unlikelihood of being the most beneficent of beings in the Universe!

Why would they need to be otherwise, when they introduce themselves to us?

Let us suppose that their home is a distant planet that is further from their star than Earth is from the sun, they do not need to blink as we do and with lower light levels they are used to lower temperatures also. Their eyes would need to be slightly larger than ours and without blinking would seem to stare constantly apart from a third eyelid for protection from dust or flying objects.

Frightening or what?

What if their home atmosphere had a higher level of methane bringing with it consequent changes in their internal organs and general metabolism, despite which they were of vaguely humanoid shape, but could also breathe under water?

So those are the general differences, but under the skin as intimated there could be many more, but some similarities too!

Their intelligence has led them along the path of travel through the Universe which by our present calculations, using our conventional transport, would take us many light years, but since they had discovered the way literally to bend space that journey time would be reduced to a matter of days.

There could be two basic similarities:

With a highly developed consciousness they have a Spirit which has a conscious awareness of the Logos, without any question of belief as here on Earth, but still with the gift of Free-will, and a greater degree of connection within to a Soul just like ours. There is no religion on their Planet they are simply aware of the Divine.

So what do you think of it so far? Sci-fi, fiction or just plain rubbish?

But hang on, before you close the page: As you may be aware there is a concentrated effort worldwide to locate a planet in a far away star system in what has been termed a Goldilocks Zone, which would be similar to Earth in just about every respect, for us to colonise.

But what if that were never found and in fact Earth is unique?

So if that Zone is never found, we would already know that a Planet suitable to accommodate our alien friend is in existence, and there may come a time in the not too distant future when having depleted Planet Earth to the point where 99% of all existing species of life were extinct due to the actions of mankind we are the last, what then?

If we do not or cannot move we will literally extinguish ourselves!

We might have to ask for planetary asylum from those who live on that alien world because what other choice would we have? Albeit to wear our spacesuits and to live in specially constructed living quarters until we could either become used to the new atmospheric conditions or to interbreed with the locals.

One other huge difference between us could be a shift in the light spectrum such that we could no longer see blue, but our new hosts could see the infra red part of the spectrum without the use of special glasses which we have to rely on at present.

Now does all that ring a bell?

We have already seen this story played out through petroglyphs and rock carvings, never mind the sudden leap in human consciousness when we acquired the God Gene some 70 to 100,000 years ago here on Planet Earth.

So did we offer sanctuary to other aliens in the past, say from Sirius?

Answers on a postcard please, With Love to Hanukah & the Angel.
PS. How is your colour consciousness?


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  1. I am sure we are the Aliens here David 😉 loved your colour perspective..


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