My mum was one who hated swearing
Was careful about what she was wearing
When amazed would often say, ‘My word!’
So mild I’d wonder if she’d correctly heard.

When swearing in the nicest way
Not wishing to be vulgar one would say
Not , ‘Upon my …’ but, ‘I give you my word’
And trust that they had not misheard.

With strangers trying to generate trust
Being honest from the start’s a must
Beginning with, ‘My word is my bond’
Implies that they will not be conned.

What is your word which you give away
Is it some certain gift without sway
Or a hidden password known to few
For a fresh friendship forged anew?

Like opening a new account
Subscribing to an on line fount
Providing you with information
Password’s a must for confirmation.

Or is it something far more precious
For which you need to be just conscious
Conscious of your highest inspiration
Which you might find through meditation.

Logos is the perfect Word I’d choose
In my becoming so as not to lose
The moment by moment connection,
The presence which is, in my Word, perfection!

© David Tenneson 2016.


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  1. My word today to you David is LOVE your way…


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