From my time in the choir at Holy Trinity Church it seemed natural to continue with –
Since the beginning of the Common Era we have been led to believe through the Bible and subsequent mistranslations, alterations and literal fabrications of the early Christians Fathers, for their own reasons, that God is not one but three!

The concept of oneness is difficult for many to appreciate or to understand!

If you want to apply the term Trinity to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost then I would implore you to view the threesome as Father being the Source of All There Is and in its simplicity and complexity One, which Entity and I am sure you will appreciate that it cannot strictly be called an Entity, I prefer to refer to as the Lord Logos since it is the only Divine Entity in the Cosmos in its entirety.

This subject has to rely in the limitations of our inadequate vocabulary you understand!

Then the Son surely is the whole of the human race on this planet which we call Earth, but not forgetting every other conscious being in the Universe on every other inhabited Planet. By Conscious, of course, I mean conscious of the Logos!

The term of Holy Ghost could be applied, if at all, to the Angelic Host in its completeness, guiding humanity and all the other conscious beings as best it can and therefore the repository of the Akashic Record, having within its memory the total history of every Soul ever to have lived on this and had a presence, in whatever form, on every other Planet in the Universe. Can you see why I like to refer to this as the Realm of Souls since every Angel is in fact a Soul, issued from the Source?

In truth I believe that the only real Trinity that exists is within each one of us humans, which spans, as is quite natural, three distinct dimensions.

So firstly, and the prime reason for our being is the Soul, existing in one of the dimensions of the spirit which as I say would be, when out of body, the Realm of Souls and is the Silent Witness as it comes into the Body, the only physical component of this entity which we know as a human being, at the moment when the embryo or baby is capable of sustaining life.

Not at the moment of conception or necessarily the moment of physical birth you understand?

Then there is the Spirit which is given in the form of Consciousness or Mind to the young infant by the Soul as its gift, at the moment of the Soul enters the embryo and which has the task of guiding the Body through this life.

The reason for life is for the experience, witnessed by the Soul, and nothing more.

The only reason for a particular life in a particular country, family and child with its genetic components is for the experience which that combination would bring.

After that presumptive choice by the Soul it takes a back seat so to speak, relinquishing all direct influence and suffering a self imposed kind of amnesia and handing over the reins or direction, if you will, to the Consciousness or Spirit, but in residence within the Body for the whole of the life of that individual, however long or short that may be.

As I say the Spirit is synonymous with Mind and Consciousness and therefore as the mind of the child grows and develops so the Spirit begins to take on more and more control of the pathway direction that the life will take.

When you get your own mind around the importance of this Trinity which exists within each one of us you can see how important it becomes for a child growing into an adult to be able to make its own choices as to its preference of career path, likes and dislikes, relationships etc., according to the gift of the level of consciousness which it received in its beginning, at the entering of the Soul.

Perhaps you can also see the damaging effect that the imposition of a parent as to the path it should take could have on the fragile consciousness of a developing child.

Included in the dimensional makeup of our Trinity is the electromagnetic interface between the Spirit and the Body and how this enables the Spirit to have so much direct control over the strengths and weaknesses of a body. So often bringing discomfort to the Body and completely beyond the capabilities of our infantile medical systems to understand, measure or determine its cause.

This interface known as the seven major Chakras has its inception in the womb and is instantly affected by the actions of the mother carrying the embryo at the level of the Base or fragile foundational energy centre, the first to form and upon which the other six rest, hence its importance!

To illustrate the dimensionality of a human being I offer you a scalpel and ask you to cut open any Body, alive or dead and show me the non physical parts of the Trinity, in other words to produce a Soul and a Spirit or indeed an energetic Chakra spanning the interface between Spirit and the physical Body. Of course this exercise would apply to every other life form also, whether in recognisable humanoid state or to us as an Alien Being.

You see, connected inter-dimensionally but in a way we have yet to understand!

Our dear scientists have at last found the difference between the magnetic properties of the Heart and the Brain, but a long way to go my friends, a long way to go!

With Love from Hanukah & the Angel.


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