At the end of a year we can look back in joy and appreciation or in horror and regret. Which one is it for you? Or maybe a mixture of the two?
How many ends and beginnings can you count?
In a culture of doing, you know the sayings:
‘Many hands make light work’
‘Idle hands make the Devil’s work’

But here’s the thing:
Nothing is ever finished, so how can there be all these beginnings and endings?
Makes you think doesn’t it? Well, if it doesn’t it should because when you really think about it, can you honestly say that something, anything, is finished and complete?

Step back if you can beyond the second sky we’ve spoken of before to take the broadest view from the spiritual sense. If it makes it easier, look at life from the more physical point of view of the Universe, looking back at this Blue Planet.
Now what do you see?

Can you for a moment, because that’s all it will be, like a momentary photograph, see an instant in the broad tapestry of human life alone, apart from all other life forms on Earth which still exist, the way each thread of existence weaves its way connecting with others as it touches all the other colours on its path across the tapestry?

Did you see the beginning and ending of say, just one life alone?

Looking back over this year, just before the New Year starts, may give you an inkling of where you’ve been and more importantly where you should go next! What about looking back over your life to date or better still how about one or two of your past lives to help you understand what’s happening never mind beginning and ending in this life with you right now?

Those remote past beginnings and endings might just bring an understanding of some of the gifts and talents which you enjoy right now and how best to put them to good use with the other threads you come into contact with.

It may be something as simple as trying to understand the empathy which you feel for others in pain or distress. Your reactions may have led you to refute the idea of you being anything like a Good Samaritan, but understanding where you’ve been before could give you the courage to express your compassion in a way that you never felt confident to do in the past.

When you look at the birth some of us round the globe have just celebrated and the life that followed in the perspective of your new found courage you may be able to understand where the urge came from to offer your services as a volunteer carer or other such compassionate following.

Unlike some who seem to know where they are from and exactly where they are going most of us have to take it little step, little step working our way through the challenges which we face in life on Earth.

Some see those challenges as insurmountable, not seeing how they could possibly overcome what we often refer to as Soul Set-ups. The thing is that you are never given anything you cannot cope with even if that means a completely new beginning, in another place, another job, country or relationship.

You are an amazing being, gifted with many talents which many fail to recognise or become aware of and fear of failure puts you off from even starting something new. I can only give words of encouragement through personal experience and yes, there were things that felt right but for the wrong reasons and they failed. Then there were others that felt right for the right reasons and they were a success.

What the failures taught me were lessons that I did not repeat and were therefore of great value. Amongst the failures were highlighted the way I had been cheated by others in powerful positions and also brought into focus my own strengths and weaknesses.

As far as I was concerned they began and they ended, but of course I now realise that that was not true since there were aspects of those ventures that continued in different forms, affecting others than myself and will no doubt have ramifications into Eternity.

In terms of Eternity there is no beginning and no ending and everything we experience we carry with us forever including the aspects, feelings and results of every relationship in which we partake. Any relationship is forever!

Seek eternal happiness for yourself and for others as we do without harm and with the Love for all from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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Devonian writer
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5 Responses to END and BEGIN

  1. Beautiful.. We learn to progress through all of our mistakes and failures David.. such is the path of our evolution through eternity.. Many thanks for sharing.. May your New Beginnings now be bright and joyful..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue ❤


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