I used to give up Christmas Morning
Inviting any to join in a morning of meditation
Concentrating on the real reason for celebration.

To shove the bird in the oven and abscond
Was a must for big family mums
To get away from the razzmatazz.

What do you celebrate in this life?
We celebrate birth, especially this one
And we also celebrate death.

Death and all that the life brought to us.
Death here means a new life elsewhere
Celebration? Yes! It’s Party Time there.

But not for long, a brief celebration
Then on with the thinking cap again
Which life and where next time?

Ready for a new birth and new party,
Will you bring joy with you next time,
Or will it be your turn to challenge?

Your turn to give at your own expense
For the benefit of everyone else around
Will you be the one to break new ground?

Will you remember who you were before?
Will you celebrate that life this time?
Remembering may help you understand.

Is it time to stay away, to help others
To find happiness in their life
To truly find a life of joy and laughter?

Oh! And Celebration!
© David Tenneson 2015.


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Devonian writer
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2 Responses to CELEBRATION

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Thank you so very much, dear David. It should be a joy to remember previous lives! Why? Because then we might know what went wrong and not repeat it or, so much better, understand what went right and make that experience a valuable tool in this life again.

    People often think that remembering previous lives will make us “satisfied” with ourselves or, on the other hand, ashamed of who we were and how we acted. Nothing is further from the truth for that’s what one can call “experience”. They say that only the fool trips twice over the same stone, so then, are we fools?

    Whether I have been a king or a pauper, whether I have been a man or a woman, whether I have been famous or so plain nobody even knew about me, the importance lays in what did we learn and are we going to better those circumstances. Of course, we don’t live in the Middle Ages anymore and the 21st Century gives us so many more possibilities to help others while helping ourselves to reach our final goal.

    I have always understood the mentioning of Nirvana as the return of our Souls to the Great Soul where we all came from, but I know that for many of us this is not the supreme ambition they want to plan for. Humans want their images on altars and in magazines no matter the reasons. They even say whether one speaks bad (with a reason) or well about me is not important, as long as one speaks about me. That is how far we go not to be forgotten.But still, we dread remembering who we were and what we did in previous lives. Why is that?

    We are on the eve of a New Year (at least for us, Westerners) and it’s more than time to try to put things right and come to conclusions about the past and make plans about the future, for as far as we can perform this extravagance. Good resolutions are often taken over dinner when they should be thought over carefully with consideration and in the silence of our hearts.

    To terminate this long comment that looks more like a diatribe in favour of reincarnation beliefs, I would like to wish you and all the readers of your blog, a very Happy New Year 2016.
    May He, who is our Father in Heaven, bless us all and keep us safe during the next 365 days or is it 366 days this time.



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