It is not often that I take my quill to the question of doom, which is what the title may suggest to you, but in fact hidden within these words is the best gift I could find to present to you at this time of giving.

World War 3 has already begun, but perhaps not in the form that you would recognise. No doubt most minds will channel thoughts to the obvious in its physical form, spreading as it does spasmodically across the Middle East & now the West, not knowing where it will manifest next in the wake and the fear of its destructive power, for no other reason than control and that power itself and not as it would have the world believe.

Apart from small skirmishes I believe that World War 3 will begin in earnest in the year 2016, but unlike the previous two world wars will last for at least one hundred years, if only to repair the damage already done when the killing stops. By damage of course I mean that too, which has affected humankind on many levels, and will take different intervals to repair from the physical through mental to spiritual.

You will immediately ask who will be the protagonists and because of the obvious rise of IS you may ask will religion in any form play a part with opposing armies as of old crying, ‘God is on our side!’ or just sit on the sidelines cheering on their side from their newly appointed tented cities in the wilderness, as their old and loved homes fall into mounds of rubble.

Once we have sorted out who will be fighting who, and as we have seen of late once sworn enemies become strange allies and bedfellows, the next question is who will be who, who are the generals and who the foot soldiers and will it in fact be real or virtual?

In view of the worldwide debate presently in progress it would be natural to assume that it would be a battle on all fronts and on all levels between IS and its cohorts against the rest of the world, and like it or not there is a real possibility that even in just a supportive and training role, there will be boots on the ground, with the real possibility that it will be more, shall we say, hands on than that?

But like most infections it will be virtually impossible to irradicate completely and as it submerges underground there must be a constant awareness and continuous surveillance to ensure that it can never re-emerge again in any form, anywhere in


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2 Responses to WORLD WAR 3

  1. An interesting perspective David.. Like you I believe we are already within WW3 and I too think this war is also a war waged in fear.. Not just weaponry..
    I however am ever the optimist.. and while I grant you there will no doubt be chaos, trials and suffering.. I feel humanity has the greatest ever opportunity right now in sending out Compassion, Love and Peacefulness into the world.. ( If they do not get caught within the FEAR).. this battle can go either way..
    I choose to send my thoughts out to embrace Peace, Love and Harmony .. For I KNOW there are more being upon our Earth who are GOOD and hold Light within their hearts rather than darkness..

    I think our Earth Mother may well solve our differences before we eliminate ourselves.. I was shown recently within some meditations how she is also a mirror for our thoughts and actions.. So I hope we choose Peace.. Love and Harmony..

    I hope you are not getting too wet David within the UK.. At least it is not cold and snowing..

    Wishing you Joy with your family and friends,, Happy Christmas to you and yours and all the best for the New Year Love Sue ❤


    • David says:

      You are so right Dear Sue and as far as the weather is concerned I am loving it. We were given prior knowledge of the Indian Summer which we are now enjoying with such a warm December and I wish you a great Christmas and to hold the light with me and the many others who believe as we do into the coming year of challenges. Love David


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