Did you think I meant less than a week ’til Christmas Day?
Well, as we’ve said before it could be, in a way!
So with any luck or preplanning
Back in October you made the pudding
And the cake has just been iced?

Only joking, not many have the time these days
For all the good homemade goodies
Mum’s puff pastry mince pies
With homemade mincemeat of course
They were the toast of the bar in our pub!

Getting away from turkey and having a goose!
Makes a change with apple sauce and thyme stuffing
They used to save the fat in the old days
Rub on the chest to drive out a cough and a cold
That and turnip syrup seemed to do the trick.

Would you say we were getting close
To the old days, the old values
Despite the work of genetic engineers?
I do hope so as we try to downsize
And do all we can for ourselves.

I do feel we are getting close!
There is a need to listen to the cries
Brought on by the aches and rumbles
Of a Planet in pain and anger
As she shouts and screams and spews fires.

There is a need to get close!
Maybe just once, then garden in a forest
Stop tilling and creating a dust bowl
Get close just that once, plant
Then let her show you how it’s done!
© David Tenneson 2015.


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Devonian writer
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