What to choose, what to choose?
You know the gift, the gift of choice, otherwise known as Free-will!
Some see it as man’s greatest gift but others as man’s greatest curse. It must raise its head in whatever guise you perceive it, moreso at this time of year than at any other.

The time when most shopkeepers make most of their profit, when we are all out to buy that special present to beat all, some even start back in September, but most of us have to leave it almost to the last minute and you can bet your bottom dollar that pandemonium hits the streets around Christmas Eve which we’ve still got to look forward to at home if we have any sense and hope that our own shopping is done!

Just thought we’d post this now to give you a couple of weeks prior warning!

But you know, the biggest choice you have to think about is ‘what’ to think about! Because every thought you think has a specific vibration and whatever you think about has within itself the aspects of true or false, good or bad, positive or negative and all the other opposites and possibilities!

The thing is that as any broadcaster or journalist will tell you: What sells is bad news! And unfortunately or fortunately, whichever way you look at it, what hits you in the face every time is the bad news, because that’s what sells!
In a strange way it also sells to you too!

The fortunate side of any thought is that you are able to exercise your gift of choice and in your adherence to the Divine Directive to seek happiness it is your quest to choose the good over the bad, the true over the false – and that’s another story and the positive over the negative every single time.

Can you see that that exercise puts you into a certain mindset?

We humans even have the propensity to see a tiny ache or pain as something much, much worse and choose all kinds of life threatening scenarios when a simple chat with that part of your body that gives a little concern will usually put your mind at rest, giving you the right action to take to ease any concern and any ache into the bargain.

Remember? ‘Talking to yourself is the beginning of Wisdom’ David Tenneson.

Especially to those areas of concern! I saw an interview with a lady diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she was so positive about what she could do to help herself and this was published on the day a breakthrough is announced of new antibiotic to slow the rate of progress of the condition, bringing hope to millions worldwide.

I still believe that although this pill may bring hope, the best approach in helping yourself is through exercise of both the body and the brain to keep the renewal process active within the body.

I also believe that an unhappy spirit will choose the weakest, least used part of the hardware of the self to demonstrate its unhappiness. In my case, although I write, play mind games and am active outside as well, my calling is on hold and has been for some years, not through any fault of mine, but from outside agencies, giving rise to an inner frustration the void of which I have tried to fill using other talents that I have been gifted with.

This has given an ideal opportunity for spirit to show its own regret: I feel its effect and have to take things easy in those other activities, both of which involve different dexterities, while we as a complete entity of body, spirit, soul and counsellor await the universal moment when all will come together for the calling to manifest.

There are of course lessons along the way and I suppose the greatest lesson is not to blink or you might miss one! The hardest for me, although in my many gifts I am a patient person has been patience itself and no matter how many times I blink, there it is again!

My heart goes out to those suffering from Dementia and other mind deteriorating conditions, which we certainly do not consciously choose, and especially to loved ones and carers and at my age it is only natural that I should have lost friends in this way already.

However I still believe that choosing activity, exercise and practice for all aspects of mind and body are the best ways to create your own inner renewal process to remain young at heart and mind, the latter synonymous with consciousness and spirit.

Trying to remain youthful when the mind says OK, but the body says ‘no way Jose’ is a common feeling as we age, which is why I still like the idea of three generations choosing to live close together when the undisputed bond that can exist between the oldest and the youngest brings tremendous benefits, ensuring happiness to all three generations. I am sure you get my drift! Unfortunately though it’s not always possible to put into practice, especially these days.

Choose happiness for yourself and for others as we do without harm and with the Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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