Never seemed like it there
But since we’ve just come from there
I guess you could say we’re still there
In a way!

Love the cool though, here
Been here before, born here
Glad to be back here
In a way!

Do I miss the heat from before?
Not a bit of it. Before
It just got too much, before
In a way!

To be here we’d say, ‘Cool!’
Strange, but yes we relish the cool
Down to temp control, heat and cool?
In a way!

We’re a team not one
That’s the object, to be One
They say us two make a good-one.
In a way!

Soul Mates on this level?
They exist, but on another level
All about being One with all, on this level
In a way!

That’s not going to be changed
Domicile for sure has changed
Not much else though has changed
In a way!

Here it’s all just as I remember
I wonder if you’d remember?
I’ve been away since 2000, I remember …
In a way!

This place was heaven sent
Certainly has Devon scent
Needs no extra scent
In a way!

I think we’ll stay!
© David Tenneson 2015.


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One Response to MID DECEMBER

  1. So pleased you are feeling at Home David.. and December is mild here for once.. 🙂 so pleased it was not too much of a shock to your system LOL.. Enjoy my friend .. Sue 🙂


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