Xmas 2011

From the fourth Sunday before Christmas, or the nearest to St Andrew’s Day, so I guess we are well into Advent now! Many Western Christian Churches celebrate the Season of Advent or the expectation of the coming of the One, as if we were there all those years ago and many of course at this time are in the hope of a second coming of a Saviour of the world! 

Not surprising even for those not so religious, when you think of the state of the world today! I don’t know about you, but I can put up with Breaking Bread, but dread Breaking News these days!

It must be well known now that our expectation can alter the outcome of so many things on this Earth at the physical and atomic levels, sadly though I believe that he came only once in that form and his work done will not reappear as the One so many of us wish for and expect, sadly our expectation does not stretch that far. 

So we leave it to our celebration of his birth with the simple Belen or Crib (Picture shown above) which we often say, ‘even if it were ever proven that he never existed we would still try to live by his Gospel of Love!’ As represented by the many Gospel writers and at the same time respecting as we do, the many other pathways to the Divine. 

On a more down to Earth level: Children of all ages in the West look forward to the Advent calendars with the little window covers which they open on the date prescribed on the outside to reveal on the inside a little gift, chocolate or sweet. The quality of the gift dependant solely on the price paid for the Calendar itself!  

For me, Advent is not a period of expectation of anything gift wrapped since we give when required and not as prescribed by some manmade commercial season, but apart from the celebration of a certain birth, I look forward to the coming year and how best I can share the many gifts and talents that I have been blest with. 

So in that vein I guess it is also a time of reflection on the past year or years in that recognition and thanks of the abundance enjoyed throughout my life, and how I would be able to change myself for the better by formulating some kind of personal resolutions, to effect the changes in me which I see could make life better for others. 

Well known by family and friends for my intense focus, the opportunities for change are narrowing even further as time progresses and so I rely on the modern instruments to enable communication to continue as the more physical gifts recede, or should I say change of their own accord from the heavier forms of creation involving heavy equipment like cabinet making to the more gentle of the creative arts in a continuation of writing and a return to perhaps drawing and painting, time permitting, not forgetting the piano to exercise the sticky fingers! 

I wonder how many of you in your busy existences have the time to take through the period of Advent to decide on what changes might be necessary for you? Such changes could simply be on what and when to eat to enhance your own health and that of your family, or more globally according to your circumstances.  

That is on the personal side, but I hope that if only on a one to one basis I will be able to be of help to others and ask you to fathom how you will be able to commit time in your sympathy, empathy and compassion for others any differently in the coming year than you have to date? 

The more I think about it, being part way through a huge change, for me it is definitely a time for reflection: Looking back over the last two thousand years, over the last three quarters of a Century, over the last twelve year retreat and how those periods each with their many Advents have affected me and will no doubt influence my choices for the future.


Conscious of my own mortality I wonder how many more Advents I can look forward to. How about you? 

No matter how Advent-urous you are, seek happiness for yourself and for others as we do without harm and with the Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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    Such a beautiful reflection. Thank you sincerely, Namaste’


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