They’re out and about already you know
In front of shops in bright red tops
With trews and hats to match
They ring their bells with season’s yells
Come rain or shine or snow!

With windows dressed in Christmas best
A scene from Disney of elves and a fairy
Fir, larch, spruce and pine dressed to look most fine
With colour schemes tinsel and streams
So sit on Santa’s knee and whisper your request!

A long cry from lotto, they even have a grotto
With Santa’s little elves sitting on the shelves
A choice of such toys for little girls and boys
Many are now electronic both visual and sonic
Chose with care and caution has to be our motto!

Out and about this time of year also has its dangers
Both ice and snow can prevent rivers flow
Also you know though nice, can cause a slip on ice
Snowmen and snowball fights day or nights
Such good fun seeing all the pretty mangers!

About this fest all looking for happiness
Are worth a mention those without good intention!
Those not apple dipping, but into your pocket nipping
Not that you need a nurse, but do guard your purse.
During this ideal time when we all seek happiness!

The other aspect often overlooked
Are those without a gift, indeed a life of rift
When we buy a present make it worthy to be sent
Something needed not leant, but usefully meant
We who have so much must also give to those overlooked!

But you know, also ignored are our own gifts
The present to use in this lifetime of presentiment
Look inside, find it hidden, give to those of sadness ridden
You have more than any shop or market, it will pop
Out and about if you let it, not left to rot, it’s a gift!

Seasonal Moral: Our gifts are to be shared!
© David Tenneson 2015.


About David

Devonian writer
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