We were created in warmth, where else would living organisms be formed, in one of the polar regions of a cooled down Earth? I don’t think so! Although we now know that certain organisms can thrive at extremely low temperatures and in what we would consider as hostile not to say alien environments.

In human terms we are old and in our youth some of us quickly learned how to exist in the colder regions. Being omnivores it did not take long for us to get accustomed to the available sustenance. That was all on the macro scale!

On the micro scheme of things I moved in reverse from the northern cold climes to the heat, in order to provide for others and with the advent of the Internet I quickly realised that we were able to do this on the physical and also on the surreal side of things with ease and the provisions for others took on different meanings using different media.

The common vision, or you could say mistaken mission, to provide a retreat for others to enjoy the peace, tranquillity and nearness to nature became a labour of love and, strangely, a learning experience for ourselves, understanding the values of meditation, solitude, teaching and healing at a worldwide distance.

This personal retreat taking a total of twelve years from the cold winters in the mountains to the overheated valleys of Spain! The two extremes at the end of our retreat and after twelve years and equivalent increase in our ages, the call to return to the north came.

Isn’t it strange how those calls come? A sudden flash of light in the consciousness, a sense of missing the ones you love and the complete exclusion at the start of a new generation of your unique genealogy or a visitation through vision, dream or an unmistakable mission imperative, which you know is right despite the logical arguments to the contrary!

I cannot deny that there was a yearning to escape the extremes of temperature, of hot and cold, and the waiting for the mission to materialise into physical manifestation only served to teach us some hard lessons, which we are now able to pass on to those who await our presence, on a one to one basis or the unreal nature of the learning experience via the Internet.

There are many instances exemplified in stories and writings of poets, priests and missionaries who often have no idea where they are going, but just know that they must follow that star and we are the same, having followed in our case the bright messages to meet those who were expecting us with amazing patience, did not know us, but had faith in our eventual appearance into their lives to fulfil a need for which they could find no other fulfilment elsewhere.

Wise men have travelled many miles to see the birth of a child, missionaries have moved to darkest jungles on continents thousands of miles from their place of birth to bring the word, and others have gathered bands of followers of like mind to create monastic centres of healing, teaching and religious experience since the beginning of recorded time.

The question is: What drives them to follow such seemingly impossible dreams?
What is it about the human consciousness, synonymous with mind and Spirit, which provides an urge so desperate that all other so called logical considerations just fly out of the window?

In our case, not that we ally ourselves with the lauded others who have followed stars, but which I can only put down to faith, a faith so strong that all other consideration, however strong, including the strength of human love must take second place to the Love of the Lord Logos.

Having taken that leap in consciousness and physically across a thousand miles, it all became clear in this cold climate where rain and snow invigorated the consciousness, thought became as crystalline as coldness organised as frost patterns on glass, with each thought as sharp as the points of a snowflake, each one as different as any human to its neighbour, even twins! Knowing that at the slightest hint of heat the point would lose its sharpness.

It’s now down to the demands of those who have waited patiently and now, however expectant, must realise that although we may know the answers they must find the questions. There will be no room for blowing hot and cold, for those in need must be single minded in order to gain what they most need from our interaction. As is so often the case in this life the questions are more important than the answers, often holding answers in the questions themselves.

However heated a discussion, I am sure you have found that having asked a question the answer is revealed in those words and the heat disappears from the question and you are left with cold clarity.

Whether hot or cold, seek happiness for yourself and for others as we do without harm and with the Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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