My long lost brother I met
in 1983 when I was forty three
Helped me build a bird house
Which has travelled to Spain and back with me.

Not that feathered friends were taken
With its table and first floor flat!
You see, there’s plenty to eat there
Seeds, fruits aplenty and that’s a fact

Now that we’ve returned to the cold
It’s still in one piece and residence taken as of old
By friends who never desert us in the chill
And in return bring to us each day a trill.

Seeds which we enjoy as well
We share with them on frosty morns
As we enjoy their feathered forms
In blue, yellow, green and red uniforms.

Our frosty friends seem not to feel the cold
With insulated legs whether young or old
We are blessed in all the weathers
As they come to greet and preen their feathers.

When icicles hang from the gutters
It never has deterred their flutters
And as icy curtains begin to melt
They’ll take a drink and chirp thanks felt.

We collect the rain or melted snow
To ease the water situations flow
Making sure that a drink is left
And birds, animals of all sorts are not bereft.
© David Tenneson 2015.


About David

Devonian writer
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