How is it that the leaders of mankind have never been able to control their lust?
As we have seen in recent times alone, leading to the Arab Spring, the more power men have the more they want and they wonder why their people react and say, ‘No more!’

As expressed more recently, following the deal struck between Iran and the rest of the international community over nuclear power in July 2015, hailed as a huge deal by most, except Israel who called it a huge mistake. Fear rules this reaction!

We won’t talk about the factions of the Islamic world revering the same holy book who would willingly kill one another, like petty siblings fighting over a burger, through differences of opinion or interpretation.

It must be obvious to the rest of the world and even to Jewish communities in many different countries that the Jews live with guilt and the only way it can be expressed is in fear. Fear they feel for their neighbours and also for their perceived enemies. Like their leaders in Israel what power they have, they want more of and they do not know the meaning of the word share! Strange when most faiths have written into their religious constitutions is the command to offer sanctuary, and yet I’m told a Jewish family is compelled to offer sustenance and shelter to one in need.

There is a fundamental lesson, never been taught nor learnt throughout the Centuries which, taken from as far afield as Japan, should be taught in all schools including Jewish and that is that the way to use power is not to wield it but to yield.

At the deepest level of their consciousness they, the sad Jewish people feel that if they can wield more power they will strike fear in the hearts of their neighbours and enemies and protect themselves in the process, being obsessed with security. The Gaza War which demolished a whole quarter of the city, killed thousands of Palestinians and a few tens of Israelis was supposed to answer a problem.

Ghandi said that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, so what of everything for an eye?

I am truly concerned that it only made matters worse especially when the means to repair their city were denied, thus subjugating their neighbours to the level of slaves, from whom they can take what they wish, just because even with only conventional weapons they are far more powerful and have them corralled behind fences. It would seem that those who may call us gentiles are far less gentlemanly than the rest of us. Some seem to have taken ‘an eye for an eye’ far too far!

Afraid of others possessing the ultimate weapon yet behaving as they do, although they possess it, they do not need it. Using their power to steal from others they are surprised at others reactions.
What a strange mentality for those who consider themselves as chosen!

The one thing that Israel has never come to terms with is that there are others on this Planet with equal rights! Equal rights to choose their own pathway to the Divine, nothing to do with human power, you see, but a gift from our God.

The same God we all worship under a different name! In the process of course it means that we should all respect each other into the bargain, but I guess there is no bargain that would satisfy a race of people who react the way they do to the frustration of their slaves whom they steal land from and who fire a few useless rockets in their direction.

How in the name of our common God is the human race able to find happiness, which I believe is the prime directive from the Divine, behaving in the way we do?

When I look further afield than my main concern of the Middle East, where daily killings take place, from the Middle East, to the Far East, where the different factions of religions are at constant war it sends an echo back to me of the persistent persecution and killings from wars between Christians and Moslems, Sunni and Shia, Protestant and Catholic, Moslem and Hindu to name a few all in the name of God.

I suppose that most of us are past the practice of eating the body parts of our enemies to enhance our personal power. Although I am told it does still go on!

Of course it remains to be seen whether the deal with Iran will become a reality much as it remains to be seen whether Greece will be able to stomach the austerity imposed by their recent deal with the rest of Europe, but it pays to talk.
Doesn’t it? Especially when one has a louder and more powerful voice than others!

Perhaps we all still believe that Manna really does grow on trees and that the world owes us all a living wherever we choose to live.

I know that there is a faction, small but real in Israel, that does believe in a peaceful solution to their problems, unfortunately though it is outweighed by the nationalist hawks who hold the power, intend to hold on to it and to increase it and what land they can grab an any cost.

Sadly wherever we look we see levels of corruption in all countries which make ‘Greed is good’ look like a fairy story. As always, if we want this world to change it is we who have to change first.

So if you want peace and happiness you know what you have to do! Don’t you?

I wish with every fibre of my being that everyone, whether they call themselves Jew, Christian, Moslem, Sunni, Shia, Jain, Buddhist or the many, many more too numerous to mention here would find peace in their hearts, that they are safe and start behaving like the family of One race. The Race of Humankind! With the emphasis on ‘kind’, showing kindness to everyone else on the planet.

One well known communicator recently posted:
Your Intention Is to Attract Prosperity and Abundance into Your Life.
Wrong! This may be one American’s intention, but let me tell you that the Divine Directive is to seek Happiness …

It is sad when prosperity and abundance is seen as the goal, however I do applaud those who achieve it and hope they obtained it in happiness using it wisely, with kindness and compassion and find it in their hearts to give some of their abundance to those who have so little instead of taking all they can.

Seek happiness for yourself and for others as we do without harm and with the Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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8 Responses to POWER

  1. What you have said in the post is clearly from the heart and your occurring world. Once we appreciate that, we would realise that the situation might occur differently for someone else which would dictate his thoughts and words. So really, there is no judgement either ways.

    But I do know that the way to get beyond the above differences is simply creating trust in each other. Trust, in itself, can ‘lower the drawbridges and the walls’ of our mindset.

    So how could we create trust? I realise that this is dependent on a sequence of steps and initiatives by the individuals involved. The first step is for both sides to acknowledge one another as they make assumptions about who the other person is. If the assumptions are negative the relationship may end at that point. For the trust path to continue, it becomes necessary for both sides to seek to understand the other – and also to seek to be understood. Here the key would be to be interested in the other person rather than trying to be interesting yourself. If this step can be achieved, then the reasons for the other person’s views or behaviour start to make sense and it is possible to move on to the next step, which is respect. Once we understand the other person, we can start to respect why they act the way they do and also to respect those things that they do well. There may be conflict as they have different values, working styles and personality traits. However, as these are understood we can look past them and see the bigger picture. Respect usually leads to liking, and liking – on further acquaintance – can lead to trust. Of course, it can be argued that you do not have to like someone in order to trust them, but it certainly helps

    In trust…..



    • David says:

      I believe that all should begin with respect but when you have two such intransigents as Israel and Palestine were do you begin? It is said that are strengths lie in our differences, but when our differences are so far apart with no respect either way in fact they both believe that the other should not exist. Is that the definition for stale-mate? many thanks for your comments Shakti. Love, David

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  2. May we all of us David look deep and find that kindness and compassion within our hearts.. There are far too many wanting Power and Control.. We forget the greatest POWER we all hold.. And that is within our Hearts, and to send out our thoughts in LOVE and Peace…

    Wishing you a Peaceful day my friend Sue xx


  3. eugene1492 says:

    Dear David, although I can’t say I am entirely in agreement with what you wrote about Jews and about Israel, I accept your verdict because it is on WHAT YOU SEE and think you KNOW.
    I have another view but let me tell you that I understand what you want us to comprehend.
    No, there is never a good reason to start a war, to kill people, burn crops or demolish houses that people call their Homes, I fully agree with you about it.

    Yes, we are one race, the human race, but from the very beginning we like to divide that race and pretend that some were so much more intelligent than the others. What does that really mean? I think it means that those were “smart” survived then and still now.

    I TOO wish with every fibre of my being that everyone, whether they call themselves Jew, Christian, Moslem, Sunni, Shia, Jain, Buddhist or the many, many more too numerous to mention here would find peace in their hearts, that they are safe and start behaving like the family of One race. FOR YES, if the Race of Humankind! With the emphasis on ‘kind’, would or could show some kindness to everyone else on the planet THERE WOULD BE NO REASON TO KILL BUT ONLY TO LOVE.

    Let’s seek happiness and be kind to one another and let Mother Earth prosper as she so clearly deserves it.

    Love and Light.



    • David says:

      Thanks for your wise words Eugene and like the striking of one crystal against another it is the differences that bring the sparks to our relationship. Love, David


  4. cat says:

    Hello David, haven’t forgotten you … smiles … crazy times … am afraid to fly to Europe these days … -24C and lots of snow … but Spring will come again … Ederlezi means Spring … Love, cat. https://www.youtube.com/embed/zQgPUDHqXto?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0


    • David says:

      By your poems it seems you are going through some tough times. Thinking of you. should be in our new home in Devon, England by mid January 2016 Love, David


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