If you believe that you are eternal the title of this post may seem just a little off focus, wouldn’t you say?

We have to define which You we are talking about:
If we consider the You as the personality that you know as ‘Me’ then you might agree that you only live once.

On the other hand if you believe that the eternal element of you is unseen, unheard and acts as a witness, suffering from a strange kind of spiritual amnesia then you would have every right to see You as the one indefinable part of this personality which of its own volition returns again and again for a predetermined experience.

But, at the moment of entry into the physical, gives up all predetermination to a separate Beingness gifted with Free-will which can choose a path or, to give it a modern title, Road Map expected due to its position in the world in all senses of the word.

We would refer to this Beingness as Spirit which besides having full control over the direction the path takes, has more control over the physical side of this total entity than most of us would otherwise like to admit or even to contemplate.

Many have come round to the idea that in order to pursue our true purpose in this life it does help to look back into the remote past in helping to explain how we do what we do and why we do what we do in the here and now!

Some venture into the variety of regression:
The trick here is to get the best recommendation and to choose the best therapist that you can find and please be prepared for a multitude of surprises. It may be the opposite from what you expect!

Hopefully what it will do though is to convince you that in fact you do live far more times than once and many of us have been down here so many times they are beyond measure. Did it also occur to you that many of those incarnations, those lives were not in human form? Close but not complete which is why in that particular form we are not still around and have gone on to other exotic experiences, and I’m not talking about the other hominids which we out lived.

You will probably also have heard the remark that you or others are Old Souls, indicating that we have been here many times before. However, I do believe that we are all old souls around in this momentous time when our many gifts and talents are really being put to the test.

We have also been to not just this lonely blue planet in the solar system, because I do believe that we are just one of many forms of life, not necessarily human, that span the galaxies.

As far as Goldilocks Zones are concerned, of course this only refers to the planets which are located at the right distance from an acceptable star or sun which would support life, that is human life, as we know it!

There are only two instances in the Bible where you can find a reference to reincarnation since the rest, and there were once many, have been removed over the years since the gospels were collated, the Torah plagiarised and the rest changed to suit the various ruling bodies of the Catholic faith ever since, to form the new and old testaments of the Bible as we know it today.

Not so in the East where there is an acceptance of the reality of reincarnation and an appreciation of multiple lives as exemplified by the very young who recall a previous life in the not so distant but recent past and one even pointed to a still living man who had murdered him in a previous life and the man was prosecuted and convicted on the irrefutable evidence of the boy corroborated by others around at the time.

More and more evidence suggests that we have been here many times before and even our own dreams have become a fountain of knowledge giving us reasons why we are the way we are right now.

If you really do believe that you only live once then I believe that you should prepare yourself for some surprises if not found in this life then certainly in the next! See you in the next life?

Seek happiness for yourself and for others as we do without harm and with Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. David, I need no convincing 🙂 as you know. 🙂


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