Politicians have used spin to modify their message
If we see it in print we tend to believe it
Is that where newspapers hold their power?
Is that why books will never die,
Despite the electronic text?

Is that why social media is so magnetic
To fill the vacant minds of the disaffected
Giving them the reason for being
Which we have failed to give or lost
With no time or love to give them?

Every city of the world has its ghettos
Where the void of ignorance is filled
When they see the rich side by side
The imbalance is tangible
You don’t have to go there to feel it!

Lack of food, work, joy, love or affection,
A mind filled with envy, jealousy and hate
A heart filled with fear in a family at war
With itself and with others it sees
As a powerful enemy that could help.

But they know will not and has a history of hate
They cannot beat them so why not join them
It’s their only answer, to become one of them
Then why not join others of that like mind
And inflict their pain on the rest of the world.

What reason could there be to follow this path?
Why not the religious rhetoric, poison though it is
If they fail they will become martyrs or even saints
To fight for such a just cause of brotherhood
Even if thousands have to die in the process!

This is the Jihadist way!
How can the rest of the world erase it?
© David Tenneson 2015.


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  1. Yes a good Question David.. my only way is to share Love, not hate,


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