Having just given the roses their final prune before the winter sets in and feeling how vicious their so called protectors, the thorns, can be my thoughts turned from our beautiful roses to the equally beautiful refugees cast like blown roses on the grass by the unkind winds of time by their so called agents of help who turn out to be worse than the wind and more deadly than the thorns of misfortune.

Just like the roses, each refugee of a different colour, each of a different perfume.
Some with the scent of hope , many with the scent of sadness and others with the smell of death in every breath having seen their loved ones murdered, often beheaded, blasted by barrel bombs by their once beneficent leaders and denied what we take for granted.

All they want is peace, harmony and love and the chance to live and work to provide for the loved ones they have lost perhaps to suffer and to die like the rest of us, but in the arms of our loved ones and not forced to leave their home seeing it dissolved into rubble with no chance to repair or rebuild.

Instead they are robbed, misled and misguided into believing that elsewhere the streets are paved with gold and they should take every risk for themselves and their families to reach that haven of peace, health and hospitality to the desperate point of giving all they have to board unseaworthy craft, watching others drown from failing rafts, to cross treacherous seas in the hope of reaching Nirvana.

Little do they realise that they are more than likely to reach the true Nirvana in Heaven than to find the land of milk and honey hear on planet Earth.

How could we not offer them shelter, food and a chance to restart their lives all over again with care and healing to overcome the dreadful trauma of war?

When you look into the eyes of the children saved from the raging waters are you not moved? Is there not an ounce of compassion in your heart to offer and share some of the bounty that you are lucky enough to enjoy?

How is it that so many in the rich countries of Europe would deny them even a crust of bread and a drink of water? What is the fear that drives their selfishness?
We are all part of the human race and we need to wake up to our respect and responsibility to our brothers and sister whoever they are and whatever language they speak and whichever perfume of humanity they bring with them.

Seek happiness for others as we do without injury, hurt or harm and with the Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to OF ROSES & REFUGEES

  1. Sighing with you David.. and your thirds paragraph says it all “All they want is peace, harmony and love and the chance to live”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, So many people are afraid, and when you digest that fear, it is not just about mistrusting.. or fear of terrorists.. It is about not sharing.. of their not being enough to go around..its still about Greed, of keeping what we have, not giving.. Sigh…..


    • David says:

      So true Sue Greed takes many forms but they all have the element of fear within them and as you know only too well where fear lives love cannot abide, but then love is the only thing that in the end will drive fear away. Eh? Love, David

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