It begins with a bounty box beneath our bed
To fill that void within our vacant head
Those special things we believe are power led.

We’re then led to believe that knowledge is power
Secret knowledge worth more than any dower
Makes us a king among the rest of the human shower.

We believe we are a race of special, secret souls
With hollowed-out books and hidden holes
We hide our wealth and pay to steal through moles.

We have so much we think we want to save
Giving false direction, truth easily we’ll wave
The more we have, though, the more we’ll crave.

Going to great lengths to preserve our looks
Doors which look like shelves of books
And secret handles which look like hooks.

We even create whole secret departments
Of faceless spies guarding vaults and basements
Stealing secrets from others, seeking their intents.

A gilded mirror or portrait hides a secret safe
Scrolls of old, stored in jars and buried in a cave
Remembering what we know, what we have, keeps us safe.

If reading thoughts were a reality
And not a fantasy of sci-fi telepathy
We would know all each other’s mentality.

How simple life would be for us
No secrets, the power would be ours
Not theirs, nothing to fear, no them nor us.

Fact is we are all already connected
We don’t believe it therefore we don’t know it
Oh! Excuse me. Do you believe it?

No? You may be in for a rude awakening,
But, by then you could be dead and reliving
What you missed in this life instead of living.

Living the life of the few of One
Not wandering in the wilderness alone
You could be powerful in the Secret Power of One.
Be One!
© David Tenneson 2015.


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Devonian writer
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5 Responses to POWER of SECRETS

  1. Great poem David.. Here’s to Living … and Loving..


  2. Jackie Jain says:

    Yes well said David.. There lies some secrets and we need to know them. We should start living and not miss a single moment of it.. Have a good time David.. 🙂


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