As the Bard said, ‘A rose by any other name …’ and you are not one to have the wool pulled over your eyes except perhaps knowingly, to please me or to fool me, but when you do smell those roses what do you feel?

Back to the job in hand … it’s not something that most of us are willing to do or have time for, or even consider for that matter, despite the obvious advice from our masters, gurus, guides and angels in waking or sleeping consciousness.
Incidentally do you take time to smell the roses along the way?

We are often told by healers and therapists of all sorts to look within and become our own detectives and find out what suits us and what does not. Not the healthcare professionals I have to say who are only trained to treat our symptoms.
I would not advise following by example when finding out it was chocolate and hot cocoa which gave me chronic acne until I was in my forties! Why is it always something you love?

It seems that some of us are masters and mistresses in ignoring the warning signs we might see along that way while smelling the roses, or didn’t you realise that the ones you smell in your dreams may be wrapped in a bouquet with the thorns sticking through which we call a warning dream and it is the wrapping which we need to take notice of.

Some would say that waking consciousness is enough to deal with, with all the omens, glimmers and flashing lights to guide us on our way, but please don’t take notice of coincidences however real they may appear unless of course you believe then to be synchronous!

You know, whichever memory joggers you respond to, waking or dreaming, night or daytime for that matter, there are a maze of meanders to tempt you and to choose from. What did you say? Anywhere but the boring path you have become so used to! Well! There is always the opportunity to change and in effect that is what this exercise will lead you to!

Some of us have had to wait until our later years to chose that meandering path and others in their youth are only too energetic to forge ahead on many paths all at once regardless of what’s going on inside.

I recommend introspection at any stage in your life really to find out who you are and where you are going. Not where you think you are going, but where you are actually heading. Let’s face it most of us are on a blind heading usually set by someone else who nine times out of ten does not have your best interests at heart and does not appreciate your true feelings about the direction you should take.

It really sticks in my craw when I hear fathers telling me their eight year old son is going to be a scientist! Yeah right! Well of course he might end up as one, if he decides so!

When you begin the task of introspection it is not as easy as writing and posting a letter, it is a quest that should be repeated and repeated again and again as you change and your feelings change about all manner of aspects of your life, your hopes and desires.

Remember that your feelings about any subject lead you immediately to your true belief about that particular part of the curriculum of life. It’s your Free-will we are talking about here!

If you are unsure about your feelings then try to join the growing band of those who have found the way to quiet the otherwise noisy nature of a nascent mind and get used to making the appointment with yourself each day when you can appreciate those Highly Precious Times or HPT as we refer to them.

With practice your HPT will allow you to clear your own noise and begin, faintly at first, but to hear that still small voice inside which will guide you far better than any Guru, Master or Therapist. It is a fact that few will find HPT in their youth and with so much going on it is no wonder, but with a little effort and a lot of daily practice you will find those HPT moments.

The amazing thing is that you will also realise that the advice you get is just what you need, want and desire. A word of warning: Most of us feel we should be doing something otherwise guilt can easily set in, but don’t forget this is for you and only you, however selfish that may sound, this is all about you and the divine gift of your happiness which you will find through your introspection.

You see, the voice has only your highest good at heart and would never give you anything to the contrary. You must by now have guessed our little subterfuge in that our introspection is all about knowing yourself, lock, stock, barrel, warts and all.

So the only advice I can give, for what it is worth, is to know yourself completely, understand yourself absolutely and when you do you will be able to choose to bring you complete happiness because you will do things your way bringing you the feelings that can only mean inner happiness which I believe is a level of consciousness, the right level for you!

Seek happiness for yourself and for others as we do without harm and with Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. Ashish kumar says:

    Very nice post… Introspection plays a vital role in life. It also helps us to realize our inner strength and potential… 🙂


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