Mythical beings:
Since time began
There’s been a giant man
In all walks of life and so today,
Commerce, politics, peace and play.

Myths tell tales:
Of the tall and strong
Some right and some wrong
Some malicious and some kind
You don’t have to look far to find.

Ancient Myths:
As far back as Atlantis
The giants were golden mystics
With powers beyond our ken
Not now nor then.

Today myths are made:
On fields of battle
As lethal sabres rattle
Courage and bravery recorded
With medals and honours rewarded.

From days of old in Myths we’re told:
Like knights of old in the lists
Showing their insignia in the morning mists
Colours green/gold, white/red and black
For courage today there is no lack.

Myths become the giants:
Who play the mighty game
Such tournaments bring glory and fame
As we remember the giant’s name
Tall, strong and fleet as game.

Favoured myths:
Wearing the favours of their fans
Not on their arms, but in the stands
Their cheers to spur them on
Urges the winning try and conversion.

Myth to remember:
The winning side holds up high
The golden cup which brings by
Winning the state of giant-hood
Who on such hallowed ground once stood.

Mythical past:
The game takes its name from Rugby
A town in the heart of England
But whose home is Twickenham today
On whose sacred ground the Giants play.

© David Tenneson 2015.


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2 Responses to GIANTS

  1. Great poem David.. a Rugby fan I see.. 🙂 you need to be giants to play that game.. 🙂
    Have a wonderful week.. from windy wet UK. x


    • David says:

      I played Lock Forward and although only mainly in the reserves I did play for my school just the once! My forte was Gymnastics. Love, David


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