I could have dreamt all night-ings
I could have dreamt all writings
And still have asked for more.

I saw a thousand things
And wore the power rings
And knew what they were for.

I flew with Angel’s wings
Over raging rivers and crystal springs
Down to the delta sea shore.

I was given a golden apple of all things
And knew why the dawn chorus sings
And found what happiness is for.

Over watched were my every movings
By a host of angels and divine beings
Putting every move and thought in store.

My consciousness created strings
Of frequencies of stills and flings
My audience, applauding asked for more.

The one dark warning brings
Mankind the need for healings,
Of ways to govern in peace much more.

No good not believing such sayings
For you were there in my dreamings
The link is there for evermore.

Treasure is not the stuff of kings
The greatest, we are connected beings
Were, are and will be One of Divine Core.

© David Tenneson 2015.


About David

Devonian writer
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