It is said that those in the spotlight, like pop stars, painters and poets constantly reinvent themselves in order to stay, as they say, ahead of the game and continue to produce saleable merchandise, call it what you will, for their fickle and demanding, but more importantly buying public.

I believe that we are given names by our parents, foster parents or sisters of the foundling foundations for a purpose or as part of our original set-ups that are there and as foreseen to give us the required soul experience.

But then would it have been beyond the foreseeable future that a Soul would not have known that in this life, in this situation we would not wish to change our given name and identity?

Well, we often hear of folks changing their names specially when moving to a new country or to disguise their faithful origin known immediately by a surname, but it is still a cause of some amusement as to the number, especially of women, who change their forenames and surnames as if it gives them a new identity.

I guess the fashionistas among us consider it our duty to use our Free-will to choose as fashion determines, to maintain if nothing else our street credibility. I am not sure if that is just a fashionable foible or something more fundamental!

Nick-names are something else and can come from parents from the moment we are born to the way younger siblings mispronounce our given names.

I have known one time friends who have chosen to use a different modification of their name when moving, not necessarily to a new country, but just into a new sphere of friends where they feel they want to forget the past and forge a new future identity with new people.

Of course we see today that we are often given choices of reinvention which are impossible to refuse as when the Jews in Spain in 1492 were given the choice of conversion to Catholicism, exile or death. Which one would you choose?

Then we have the impossible choice given by IS even if you can recite the Quran if you are not of the same mind set you will be summarily executed, beheaded and your head displayed to strike fear into the hearts of all and in the minds of 14 year old boys who are indoctrinated into the cult of death.

There may come a time in your life possibly calling for a radical change such as redundancy, retirement or equally beyond your control which leaves you no choice than to reinvent yourself, even the death of a partner, in order to stay sane and alive to the things you always wanted to do but never did.
A way to beat lonely Alzheimer’s?

I hope that you would be mentally prepared for such a change, which after all is yours by right of the divine gift of your Free-will, so long as you cause no harm to others, especially when you consider the alternative of throwing in the towel and dissolving into dementia.

It may involve a new hairdo, wardrobe or even the release of previously held beliefs, making way for the required total reinvention of yourself in more ways than the one, which most would only see, never mind perceive or understand.

A lifestyle change where more attention is paid to the care of mind and body through exercise of both and when you find the time in a busy day to make that all important appointment with yourself for a few minutes meditation.

Just imagine the joy of combining all of those latter essentials to the new you in one glorious walk in the countryside, followed by a quiet period of introspection or sitting on your front step with a nice cuppa and reading that book you always meant to delve into!

You see reinvention on your terms is not something which you should be frightened of or feel guilty about, but something that gives a feeling of happiness in everything you think, say and do, which is only right since the divine directive to find happiness would be served and if you can help others in the process your purpose is found and you are on the way to becoming complete at last.

When you consider that happiness is a level of consciousness, synonymous with mind and spirit you have reached the first rung of the ladder to Ascension, leading to enlightenment.

Seek happiness for yourself and for others as we do without harm and with Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. I think I al always re-inventing myself David LOL… never a dull moment for sure at Dreamwalker’s house.. 🙂 Great advice .. xxx


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