Troll Wall in shadow
Europe’s highest cliff, Troll wall in Norway. A famous BASE location for jumpers from around the world (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Standing on the cliff edge
Decision already made,
Leap to take, no bets to hedge
A momentary scent of pomade?
Other fears, a cracked head!
Vision of the turquoise pool
To break the fatal fall instead
And heat of sweat to cool.
Where is your faith pilgrim?
Each journey has its ups and downs
Mind made up, but fears seem grim
So laugh like the sad, sad clowns!

Decision taken, yes, it’s nice
But having reached that point
Not for the first time, but twice.
Nerves plead for salve to anoint.
Such fears are only natural,
But must give way to trust.
They say: that it’s quite normal,
When facing the abyss, we must
Let love replace the sad inside
And take the place of fear,
Love cannot be where fears abide
All is well and the way is clear.

Having lasted the marathon of time
And learnt the lesson of patience,
Between these words of grime
Are found the spirit of science.
By which inferred simple wisdom,
Look deep within the mind
This blackened earth, the Kingdom,
Behind the greed and war you’ll find.
Many cliffs and edges depend
Upon the journey called life,
You’re meant to be here my friend
Through happiness and strife.

Challenges abound,
Why else would you be here?
You may be poor, but wealth is found
Through gratitude not fear.
Sharing brings you joyfulness
Caring for those with less.
Some even call it happiness
A new found high of consciousness.
Come back down to earth and know
However many cliffs appear
It’s well high time for you to show
Respect for all and banish fear!

© David Tenneson 2015.


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5 Responses to CLIFF EDGE to OBLIVION?

  1. Wonderful poem David.. Trusting as we take that next step… well thought out and presented my friend..


  2. The leap of faith…Love this David, so apt and so well written my friend 🙂 Blessings to you , with Love, Mark


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