The world in which we live seems to demand more and more body armour for those whose job it is to protect us from the extremists who act under the guise of religion, but whose sole aim is to control the world with rules and regulations which are against the Divine direction, to seek happiness and to further their cause by striking fear into every populace through group or singular acts of violence and atrocities of mass murder.

In the normal course of events in peace loving truly democratic nations there is little need for protection, save only not to invite intruders, robbers and rapists by leaving doors unlocked as open invitations. Gone are the days, sadly, when we could leave doors unlocked knowing that only friendly neighbours, family and friends would come in to see how we were or borrow a cup of sugar!

I say little need for protection, but perhaps I should add except from themselves and their own possible evil thoughts! Where it is my contention that this is where evil lies and not out there somewhere and certainly not in some conjured personification of human of other half human half animal form, which are themselves imaginations of the human mind.

When we move into the realms of spiritual teachings the latter was considered along with the very evil nature of the universe itself, negative energies or malevolence of our opponents – seen or unseen, which might enter our consciousness, for us to be forewarned and forearmed against, with the requisite protection of which there were a host for us to choose from.

It was even considered that because other healers did not follow the proper protocols that it was our job as the best healers, you understand, to protect their clients who were adversely affected. Unfortunately this all comes down to the fact that we are better than you and you really don’t know what you are doing!

Sadly as usual this is based on fear and misunderstanding of healers and teachers with the fear passed down from generation to generation and I believe a lack of respect for others in the same business and their, in my opinion, undoubted skills!

Of course the origin is to a large extent from the beginning of time when gods were given the same attributes as men and therefore were prone to anger at the least frustration and had to be placated, otherwise the dark and evil side of their natures could fall on the heads of us mere mortals, unless our placation involved some form of sacrifice beginning with animal then human if an enemy and if that did not suffice the letting of the blood royal!

But now that the ancient alien theorists are coming round to the notion of so called alien gods descending to Earth 100,000 years before the birth of Jeshua, it throws a different light on the ascent of man and the need for protection.

Did I mention that I believe in a benevolent Universe where the trade of the God Gene for a planetary home for a short while was the way to go?
Which begs the question: Where do we go next?
Similarly what have we got to trade with?

So much of myth and legend is based on fear and evil, I don’t know about you, but I cannot see how we could be where we are today if that were indeed the case, especially with the sudden leap in human consciousness starting at about that very time of 100,000 years ago with the arrival of the so called God Gene.

Don’t tell me you believe that it came from an alien with evil intent to take over the human race!

As for healers wanting to protect their client/patients, closing the chakra systems down, I am sure they do not realise that by closing the system they may exclude erroneously perceived negativity and they are also excluding all beneficial energies of Well-being which their own practice is trying to promote.

I believe that there is only one form of protection needed and that is personal protection from ourselves and that, my friends is automatic on a plane of consciousness not of the physical, but very much allied to it through the levels of our own consciousness, synonymous with mind and spirit.

Altered levels of consciousness can often be confused with dark, alien forces brought on deliberately for thousands of years and holy men using mind altering herbs, mushrooms or latterly drugs, which can be misinterpreted and needing protection, but there really is no need to follow the practice of the use of drugs of any kind to alter the consciousness and it is only in extreme cases that help may be needed.

The journeys that many undertake can be easily accomplished with just a little practice and no protection needed at all!

Seek happiness for yourself and for others as we do without harm and with Love from which all else flows, being the only protection you would ever need, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. Holding true with intention in love and Light is my protection David.. xx wonderful essay


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