If music be the food of love, play on,
If love be the fuel of life, live on
If life be the rhythm, then dance to the music.

If music be the cycle, play in the circle
Take your place in the ring,
Weave your colour in the hoop …

With the colour of another
And another, and another
Creating the pattern of life.

What pattern do you follow?
What colour is your thread
That weaves with others?

Forming new patterns
Dancing across the tapestry
Of love and of life.

Does your thread rely on others
For support? or is your colour
Bold enough to stand on its own.

Or perhaps subtle enough to hide
Within the weave to work its magic
Unseen, except by those with sight?

Are you the one whose mission
Whose thread is transparent enough
To stay hidden in plain sight?

Many are unseen and unsung
And content to be so,
so be it.

Knowing that their true calling
Remains unheard except by them
And those who guard and guide them …

To the Light.

The Light that others may never see
Despite your leading them by example
And showing them the way.

But if just one should follow and find the path
You have found your true purpose
The passion that drives you.

Your thread has found all colours,
Your calling is heard,
You are the One!
© David Tenneson 2015.


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Devonian writer
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  1. Here’s to weaving our threads, may we light up the Loom of Life.. Loved your poem David.. Enjoy your weekend.. Hugs and Blessings to you and yours.. Love Sue


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