Short and not so sweet this week, as I need to get something off my chest:
Divine Grace which is with us 24/7, so long as we recognise and accept it, is almost an invitation, a request or an enablement which permits us to become aware of and attentive to everyone and everything that comes within the view of our ever active consciousness, if we so choose.

Can you see how that gives us a Divine opportunity to follow our Divine Purpose or a sacred opportunity to show our sympathy, empathy and compassion to all other conscious life forms, including that of our own and those of the nature kingdoms which, despite the efforts of the dedicated few, are fast disappearing from the face of this planet.
Are we next?

If you ask: ‘How is this happening?’ It is through the inconsiderate greed and lack through the refusal of the very compassion, we are given through Grace, the opportunity to express.

In a country such as China, White Horse Village is a prime example of the total disregard of the individuals, their ancient rural way of life and connection to nature, against the need to gratify the greed of the millions who are willing to sacrifice a whole landscape and its people, with no recompense, in favour of a concrete jungle which in no time will be riddled with pollution, the very opposite to what was there before.

At the same time by removing the habitat of countless species they have also contributed to the extinction of those species and those others who rely on them, from our once beautiful planet.

I believe that we have taken a wrong turn by misinterpreting the Ascension of mankind which is supposed to be the ascent of human consciousness. Instead we have succumbed to the insatiable demands of the egos of those who control the race to become the greatest and most powerful economies of the world regardless of the finer feelings of their own people and others of the world and total disregard of all other species on the planet.

Can you see how the glorifying of the undoubted skill of Chinese engineers at producing the necessary infrastructures of roads and rails and bridges and ports to facilitate the growth of industry will only lead to a land of nothing but concrete and steel, whether it be in China itself, Africa or elsewhere in this world fast depleting of all natural resources?

I wonder if those in power have even heard of the word Ascension, but even if they’ve heard it dare not speak it for fear of incarceration for treason!

This is the world in which we live where this kind of control is all too common and unlikely to be removed dare I say for one hundred years? No, that’s too conservative an estimate, more like one thousand years!
Frightened? You should be!

Look around you, even if you have already thrown out your television, get hold of the news somehow and see what is happening to the world around you. If like me you sign every petition going to try to preserve our home, this beautiful blue planet, but what else can you do? Not losing sight of the Divine Directive to seek happiness, but without causing harm!

Becoming aware of the way the world is moving is a start. Becoming aware of how you can change yourself to become more of a force for good is a second step and probably the most important, then help in your own local community is a third step even if it begins with just helping your neighbour with her or his shopping, it is the right beginning for you to become aware of the needs that surround you.

Even in the limited confines of your own village, town or city can you be a voluntary voice for reason, for good, for compassion, urging others to become aware too?

It is easy to draw your curtains and blinds and lock your doors to the awareness of the problems that surround you. Try if you can not to let that happen, please be the first to greet everyone you pass or meet in the street and do yourself a big favour by regularly asking if your next door neighbours are well or need help!

Remember in your growing awareness it is the little things that make a difference and are most appreciated by the recipients.

Seek happiness for yourself and for others as we do without harm and with Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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3 Responses to AWARENESS

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Thank you, dear David, thank you for reminding us that we don’t live alone and for ourselves but that we are part of ALL THAT LIVES ON THIS PLANET.
    Yes, let us “Remember in your growing awareness it is the little things that make a difference and are most appreciated by the recipients”. A smile is nothing much for he or she who gives it, but it can mean so much to him or her who receives it.
    Let’s start and maybe the whole world will follow suit and our blue Planet will become a little Paradise before we can reach a bigger one.

    Much Light and even more Love to you, to all those who will read and comment your post and, G.od forbid I should forget,.. to myself.



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