This reminds me of the Streets of London:
(Strawberries, ripe strawberries!)

I wonder which way the dice will fall
And who will buy this hallowed hall?
Will it be just a joust with trajectory
Or a game of chance in the refectory?

One talks of rallies on the side
A four wheel tear round the countryside
The other a more peaceful wish
Of raising nothing more than fish.

Or maybe neither this nor that one
And we still await the advent of the One.
Portents, omens, visions and dreams
All add to the confusion so it seems!

For each image counteracts the last
As we recall the many, many passed
But being of that kindly mystic ilk
We give each a little honey and some milk.

You might call it consideration
After all it’s not a coronation
There’s more than one to consider
And we give all a chance to configure.

The mounted warrior, the most scary
Bursting in on the feast we’re wary
Though the last said not enough ground
We hope and pray sufficient paddock found.

So many have through these portals passed
I wonder who, finally, will be the last
To say ‘basta’ enough, ‘this will do nicely’
‘We’ll carry the tradition of peace, love and harmony’.
© David Tenneson 2015.


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Devonian writer
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3 Responses to WHO WILL BUY?

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Dear David,

    I sure do LIKE this poem that says so much in so fine words. He or she that did not go through these doors of knowledge and experience will not understand the predicaments of waiting for the buyer of a home that is no longer one’s own.
    Yes, “There’s more than one to consider And we give all a chance to configure”.
    Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that the last one who has spoken has said “I love this House, it will be or, even better, it is now mine!”.

    Lots of love and energy I wish us all, those who will remain in their abodes without changing ever and those who are the eternal wanderers.

    Keep on feeding our hearts and our minds with your verses and your rhymes. Thank you.



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