In the beginning … Wow! What a start!
Well, they say nothing is new which must mean that in similar if not identical form it’s all been done before, and I sincerely believe that it has all been done in the dimension that surrounds us and we are merely going through the motions to give our Souls the God given opportunity to witness and experience how we cope with such an opportunity as an incarnation in as dense a Planet as Earth.

It could be that successive lives may be the repeated opportunities to give us the chance each time not to fall into the same bad habits as the last time!
Think about it!

In terms of a fashionable habit: it may therefore be thought that the wimple worn by nuns and those of many, including the Islamic faith was something of the invention of their own if not since the time of the Prophet Mohammed or Jeshua, but since before recorded time it was considered appropriate for widows to cover their heads after the death of their husbands, if not in sack cloth and ashes, and therefore in relatively modern times, since nuns were brides of Christ, that they should also be appropriately and modestly covered and indeed in black for mourning.

There are so many who follow the different Saints and have adopted varying shapes and sizes of headdress as a sign of their following from nursing the sick, as missionary teachers, strict imprisonment in nunneries and monasteries with lack of contact with the world dedicating themselves to prayer and trying to remove their mistaken guilt for the death of Jeshua by self flagellation, the wearing of barbed wire crosses etc., with the only male contact being through one man, their Father Confessor to expound their sins of thought or consciousness from Daughters of Charity to Barefoot Carmelites, the list is endless.

The fact that certain interpretations of Islam consider the need completely to cover a woman with the full Burqa is merely another manifestation of mans fear and need to dominate women whom they perceive as their property in the same vein as female genital mutilation, since it is only the man who should receive any orgasmic pleasure from sexual union, the woman being merely an unfeeling chattel belonging to a man.

It has therefore become a habit for some women strictly to adhere to this interpretation of the Quran which the common people who consider themselves as good Moslems believe to be a good book of peace, having been brought up since birth to its misconceived rules and regulations as a law and manual for peace, but which if read cover to cover the later verses added, and not the words of the Prophet I am sure, becomes a manual on how to rule the world by force, setting Sunni against Shia. Both professing to follow the Quran and willing to kill one another. Does it remind you of Catholic against Protestant and Christian Warrior Monks against the Infidel Moslem over the bricks and mortar of a town called Jerusalem?

We have our own cults that have divided the Anglican Protestant faith into Pilgrim Fathers, Scots Presbyterians, Methodist, Baptist, Plymouth Brethren, which luckily can exist in peace together, although they too interpret their Bible differently and the multitude that have sprung up before and since one can now become ordained on line to create more and more habits to follow the one with the gift of the gab!

Since it is postulated that there are or will be as many cults as there are tribes of men and even within those tribes there must be differences of opinion due to the diverse nature of human consciousness, can we reasonably expect there to be the Oneness which those who live in peace so earnestly pray for? I believe that the Divine Logos hears us, but knows as we should know that it is us humans that have to put things right. There is no likelihood of Divine Intervention even if there was such a thing!

We are told that it is not sufficient just to pray because in the end it is mankind which must act to put right the bad habits of the past, but having allowed IS to come into being, to prosper and become rich at the expense of the deaths of so many who do not subscribe to their way of demonic narrative, which is so easily accessed on the Internet by a disaffected youth of both sexes and all nations, how do we react as peace loving people without causing harm to another in the process?

There are times in our lives especially when young that we don’t want to stand out from the crowd, we need to conform and not be seen by our peers as odd with the danger of being made a mockery of, and so we follow the habits of others. Is that what happiness is? Do we tend to follow the trend in order not to be unhappy?

Although we would never call it a uniform, unless in an Army of a kind, but if we look carefully at what we wear we would see that in our conformation we are wearing the same kind of clothes as others. The habit of our peers whether old or young in whatever country we live. There is a list of societal habits and let’s face it in more and more countries we must be seen to be politically correct and therefore conform to the habits of those who determine so!

In that Army of a kind unless we conform completely in a uniform way, no pun intended, and adopt every single habit we can place ourselves in mortal danger and even if we do follow the habit we put ourselves deliberately in the sights of the angel of death, but that is explained as becoming beautiful in the eyes of Allah and therefore the sin of suicide which we commit makes us a martyr!

This is the dangerous, demonic but magnetic narrative which understands the divine intent for us all to find happiness, but forgets that this should be without causing harm to another and translates the ultimate sin of suicide into ultimate happiness. Which is given in such a way as to convince the disaffected youth of all ages that this is the way the truth and the life, even if it means giving your life and taking others in the process.

It surely is a habit we need to remove from the consciousness of all?

We habitually use certain words in our vocabularies and strange how just a change of the position of letters or change of letters themselves brings a different meaning in different languages. Look at these two words:

Seek happiness for yourself and for others as we do without harm as the best habit and with Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to HABITS

  1. Agreed dear David.. We adopt many habitual habits not always good ones or the correct pathways.. Habits take some breaking!!.. Lets all hope we get back into the LOVE HABIT and start to live from our hearts not the habits others pass down..

    Love and Blessings
    Sue xxx ❤


    • David says:

      Yes Sue, like many others I am a habit person and yes certain habits are hard to break and when someone changes your routine or placement it comes as a shock! Love David 😀

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