Wheels within wheels
Like cogs in a giant clock.
We cannot see or hear
Their giant working,
All we know is the striking,
The striking of the moment.

Many have their parts to play
In which we have little to say.
We just have to sit and pray
That all goes well in its way.
Our part is done for now
Waiting for the next allow.

As each phase completes
Each wheel’s turn meets
Its counterpart in train,
Sets the setting point again
That’s how the outer works.
But what about the inner perks?

Workings of the inner clock
Clicking our own tic and tock.
Are you aware of your timing
Your body’s own grinding?
Does it not occur to catch
The tiny tic not to match?

We are noisy beasts
Few take note, the least
Wheeze or ring in the ear.
Those who do only fear,
What of any move you make
After all it’s real, not fake.

Be aware of you, the entity
Made up of so very many!
You move and make a moving
Unseen wheels revolving
You are physical, mental, spiritual
You are a Sacred receptacle!
© David Tenneson 2015.


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Devonian writer
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