Since time immemorial we have been taught, even in our small kitchen gardens, to preserve the best seeds from our harvest for the following years sowing, and yet it is apparent that there are companies intent on modifying and patenting all seeds to call those seeds their own. Thus preventing us from ownership and having to pay a ransom for their mal-formed seeds since they become the sole owners.

This may seem bad enough, but not only the seeds of our own fruits and vegetables which our families have grown for millennia, but also to change and patent the very seeds which determine our human bodies and minds, by the alteration of the makeup of our DNA! Does that mean that they own us too?

How is this possible that we could allow any company to own us never mind just the seeds of the foods that nourish us and have done so since as far back as anyone can remember?

It has been tried by various organisations even to own and control our thoughts, when our naivety leads us to believe that we can be killed, but not our ideas!
How stupid can we be?

But we have allowed this to happen for centuries by those who proclaim they speak the word of God and therefore must be listened to and their laws adhered to, or if not to suffer lashing, stoning, decapitation or we will perish in the fires of hell!

It would appear that I am talking about the Middle Ages but no! This is the 21st Century and it is happening right now and unless we are careful some conglomerate somewhere will own us lock, stock, barrel, body, mind and DNA and possible faith too!

There was a time when I believed that there was a good possibility of placing a seed of spirituality into a conversation enabling others to find their own way to a pathway of light, leading to the Divine, but today I am not so sure.

I’m not talking here of the rigour, rites and rituals of a religion, but more of a personal connection to the Divine and an understanding that such a pathway is peopled by guides and angels all offering seeds of knowledge and understanding with the constant proviso of Free-will for us to accept or to deny their advice at all levels of attainment and Ascension.

Unlike the Egotistical humans who presume that they should be in control removing the Divine gift of Free-will so that they can control us human slaves!

Human trafficking continues unabated using every excuse from economic migrants through fear of persecution and death so that the traffickers can exact extortionate fees to transport men, women and children across inhospitable lands followed by unseaworthy craft to a place with the promise of the un-promisable.

It gives me the greatest heartache that anyone should presume the temerity to imagine that they can play God and change the very stuff of life across all the kingdoms of life on Earth, from nature, animal and human.

Since there will always be moves to control the Internet and its content itself when social media will cease to have its independent personal appeal we should all be on constant alert to prevent this latest test of the control of humanity. Or should I have said latent control?

It is all too easy to sow the seeds of doubt in the human mind, we do it to ourselves often enough and why should we not believe those who would seem to have greater authority than us?

The opportunity for change exists in the hands of those whom, to the greatest extent, we have placed in power through our own ignorance of their true motives and what we need to do is somehow to retrieve that power for ourselves so that we regain control of our lives.

It is a very odd dichotomy that as soon as you introduce democracy into a society creeping in the pockets of those elected to power are the voracious worms of greed and corruption.

These days it would appear that you cannot even play a sport without those who rise to power within its teams and ranks resorting to bribery, match fixing, inter country corruption and the possibility of doping, which has been with us forever and just more easily detected these days, just to win!

Will humankind ever be corruptionless or is it written into our DNA? Oh! I nearly forgot at least some of our DNA is owned by others! So if we allow that to happen maybe there’s your answer. So are you happy playing your sport? I hope you try your best without resorting to unfair help.

My good friend JJ and fellow blogger posted not so long ago about the darkness we experience allowing us to grow and become strong and I commented that if you plant a seed in the darkness of the earth just watch it grow!
Seek happiness for yourself and for others as we do with Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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4 Responses to SEEDS

  1. A collective of broken and aching hearts David as we all want change, change for the betterment of ‘mankind and the environment’, these controls have always been there, from generation to generation we are ‘Lead’ by the few with countless promises of a better life, and or the fear that if we do not follow their path we will be dammed in hell or loose all we have to ‘others’….I still hold hope for humanity and it’s awakening to the facts that we must take back control and not allow the ‘few’ to mark out our lives and manipulate all and everything for their benefit just because they say so!…Blessings to you my friend, with love, Mark


  2. Yes David my heart aches along side of yours.. If you think about it too much it gives me a headache.. We endeavour to plant our own seeds to enlighten others how best to plant their own energy .. Love and Blessings to you my friend


    • David says:

      Yes Sue, that’s how I see the difficulty trying to inspire without offending. The method will come sure as nine pence as knowing them, knowing us comes into prominence! Love, David

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