Craving your indulgence kind Ladies and Gents
For it it’s soon time for us to pull up our tents
And travel as all good itinerants do,
As we are off to olden pastures new.

From what was once our Paradise
Such opportunities I can only surmise
For we are off to a brand new heaven
In land since ancient times called Devon.

A place not unknown to me in my head
A land where I was born and bred
But not the same square mile you know
Just offset from north to south in sun or snow.

We are content and hope that you are too
Since while away we shall call halloo!
On occasion to keep an interest
Posting as we can connect on Internet!

Our heads to resurrect above the parapet
Of our new castle with drawbridge never upset
And portcullis permanently upraised
We will be ready to welcome and be amazed.

See you soon with Love always, David
© David Tenneson 2015.


About David

Devonian writer
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