When I was a lad we used to play shadow games making silhouettes on the wall of animals, birds, insects and faces with our hands in front of a bright light.
Now with so many changes in the house due to our anticipated move I noticed new shadows cast on the wall by changes in the lighting when the shadow of a chest of drawers looked like a nest of gnomes sitting on each other’s shoulders.

Each handle on a drawer looked like a different turned up nose, just as you would imagine of a gnome or dwarf or even a column of gods looking like some of us. Why would they not, for we have no other reference and every image of gods from ancient times invariably look the same!

Perhaps even shining a shadow of the animals demanding due reverence since it is they who keep us alive, having signed the contract to sacrifice themselves to keep mankind going, so long as they are not abused and killed indiscriminately or for the sake of sport! Where did we go wrong? And we are surprised at the prospect of mass extinction once again, including ourselves! Did we not realise that bit of the equation?

But then there are those of a spiritual split who recognise not only the sacrifice they make for our source of food, but also the gift of the totem as portrayed so characteristically by indigenous tribes across the globe in their poles of remembrance and the teachings of the Shaman after long nights of Vision Quest.

If you are so gifted and find yourself in a tight spot your totem of a certain kind, brought to your particular consciousness and mind will be there to help you through the chaos, which mankind brings upon itself from time to time and no one else to blame but ourselves.

Most will associate the shadow with darkness of an evil kind, but in truth the shadow is merely a reflection of the evil which exists nowhere else than in mankind’s mind.

The control of the mind should be down to us as individuals and not to the mind bending, brainwashing techniques which have allowed those who seek control over us, since time began, to exercise such techniques merely to ensure that we do their bidding without question, to the point of blowing ourselves to kingdom come to kill as many others as possible in the process of suicide. The greatest sin!

It is true that darkness can invade the corridors of consciousness, not by invitation or by mind manipulation of others, but simply by mistake, misunderstanding or miasma.

In this age of discernment with so much data and information bombarding our over burdened brains, especially to the young who barely have time to breath between connections to their social media, which opens them up to all manner of colours including the shadows which can so easily invade the mind.

Is it any wonder that they are so easily influenced to travel thousands of miles to join a group which offers a different way of comradeship, brotherhood and what they are led to imagine is love and true purpose?

It makes you wonder what shadows are covering the real purpose, family love and self esteem in their mother country. Often it is a feeling of lack! The feeling of a lack of self worth can be brought on by the inability to find a job of any kind, even having worked hard to get a degree and being willing to do any mundane or menial job only to be told you are too well qualified!

I feel there is nothing like being promoted from within and from personal experience of serving an apprenticeship you find your second family which gives you a feeling of worthiness in your first family, through which you can dispel all of the shadows as they come along with those two families to guide you forward into a true, meaningful and purposeful adult life.

I believe that it is the task of parents and teachers at all stages of growing to guide the young into becoming meaningful members of society, but sadly I also feel that we as parents and teachers often set the bar too high for the young to achieve or to direct them onto a path which they do not under any circumstance wish to follow if it were down to their own volition, and it becomes all too easy for them to fall into the hollows of shadows called lack. Or is it simply a lack of love because the young do not wish to follow the ways of the old and all they see are insurmountable barriers?

It seems that many countries have got themselves into debt, and yet they still exist by imposing their mismanaged debt upon the populace in the form of austerity and drive their people into the shadow of poverty and even suicide.

When my company got into difficulty being owed more than it owed I was not allowed to continue operating and, at the insistence of the bank, had to go into voluntary liquidation. My heart goes out to the peoples of the world who find themselves in darkness, unable to see a way forward. My saving grace was the knowledge that all of my experience was to enhance the process of becoming, and eventually I would see a way through the tunnel of shadows to the light of becoming, and so it was.

It was many years ago but it was the beginning of the lessons of faith and patience continued ever since, through the shadows which present themselves in the chaos of life on Earth.

Whichever shadows you experience see them merely as challenges and seek happiness for yourself and for others, as we do with Love from which all else flows, from Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. Yes David, There are many shadows in the world, I enjoyed reading about your younger adventures… Its often those simpler things we remember and got the most pleasure from.. We were easily pleased in our younger days, Not like today when parents go into debt to get the latest technological devices for their children!!..

    Wishing you well, and hope all is well with you xx Sue 🙂


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