The SEASONS of 2015.

The SEASONS of 2015.
To the New Guardians of the Casa de la Paz:
As I look out from the cool of the Sanctuary,
The Agave drive wobbles in the heat.

Scent of lavender fills the place
And percolates this sacred space
As it sways in the gentle breeze
Ripples to the garden gate, with ease.
I take in every pebble in my gaze
From which I’m still amazed.

In this our special place
And with time and space
Thoughts wander without intent,
Leaving behind the summer of discontent
Moving through an autumn of movement
To a winter of wildness and wonderment
Moments that manifests our true intent.

Long awaited this great upheaval
Nothing will ever again be quite its equal.
Walking through these rooms again
Noticing every texture every grain
I feel the ache of every chair
Itching to move to a fresher air.

From dusty plains to pastures new
Lands of a hugely different hue,
Turns gold to centre spectrum green
From oppressive heat to cool and serene.
Returning to the land of my birth
There will be celebration and mirth!

But I turn around for one last look
And for me one last meal to cook,
Something traditional I think
Just to preserve the mental link
A Precious Moment, a meal to remember
A Cava to toast, a taste to savour.

I bless and thank this Sanctuary
That has become our Antiquary.
The wind changes, perfume of roses
Red for love made into posies
As I let go I will no doubt recall
Taking with me sight, sound and all.

The memories of all the days,
Of locals and their patient ways
Spent in olive green and golden fields,
Sowing and harvesting such yields
Of Olives, Almonds and Grapes too.
The fruits of Spain, I’ll miss you!
I let you go to Guardians new,
May the Lord Bless you.
© David Tenneson 2015.


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to The SEASONS of 2015.

  1. As I read this wonderful poem dear David, I am also hoping SOLD was on the board outside at long last.. :-).. Its hard leaving, a place so loved.. xxx But I am sure the next one will be just as loved and made into a home. xxx


    • David says:

      Sometimes the energies are hiding just around the corner, we have to have patience for them to manifest at the right moment for all concerned. Let’s just say that today was unexpected and propitious! Love, David

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