When I was a lad and staying with my Grandparents in Liverpool, one afternoon they took me to a mansion called Speake Hall. It is a wonderful example of Tudor architecture at its best and built in a square.

Planted in the central square are two yew trees which were named Adam and Eve. Unlike the churchyard yews they were not coppiced, cropped or clipped and allowed to soar towards the sky.

Needless to say the last time I saw them was 30 years ago and they were huge! Referred to by Shakespeare as the doubly fatal yew from firstly its fatally poisonous berries to the English longbows made from its springy wood as proved so deadly to the French at Agincourt at the time of Henry V and other battles won by the English, and lately by the Elfin Archer Legolas, my favourite character in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Film, by Jackson after J.R.R.Tolkein.

That second time at Speake was the moment when I found my long lost half brother and sister, back in 1983. My brother and sister in law, living in Lancashire, who took me to Speake again, and by then they were in their thirties and me in my forties and sister and I had developed shall we say a certain psychic sense not recognised so much by me before we met.

The guide showed us round, we got to a bedroom with four poster bed and all the trimmings, but we were both overcome with the greatest sadness and my sister in law burst into tears. The guide showed us that just behind the beautiful example of linenfold panelling cladding the walls was a priest hole where the priest had been murdered!

I often wonder if Adam and Eve are still alive because they must be hundreds of years old by now!

I never knew my father and strange ways of getting to know each other, but following that visit we went to see the crematorium grounds where me and my brother’s common father’s ashes were scattered and again at the book of remembrance we were overcome.

As I say I never knew my father and my brother could not stand people coughing and virtually shut down at the mention of his name as he and his sister had been sent away during his final illness and passing. No opportunity to witness, understand or to grieve and all that. Saving the children you understand! I of course new nothing of this at the time, my brother being six and I was nineteen and three hundred miles away in Devon.

It was amazing how my coming onto the scene so to speak enabled him to talk about it all again. It was as if I was the key to unlock the closed chambers of his consciousness and he was able to open up in more ways than one.

On another occasion my wife and I drove to York for a short holiday, of course we walked the wall and then visited the Treasury House. The structure has been changed over the years and what was an outside courtyard is now inside. It was when I passed through the portal door from inside to what was outside that it was as if I had been hit in the chest and slumped back against the wall.

Luckily my wife took charge, telling me to relax and breathe, and we made our way to a famous tea shop in the centre for a reviving cup of their gorgeous tea and sampled a cake or two! Needless to say I was earthed again in a sip or two!

Stories of Roman Legions marching through the bedroom at dead of night cannot be ignored! And so it was on another much later visit that I was asked to clear the house of those who had decided to stay behind for some unfinished business which, little did they know, was incompletable, but I soon put them to rights and sent them on their way.

Again the unmistakable thump in the chest which I was not fazed by this time, but left me in no doubt of their presence, it’s no joke having a Roman Legion sitting on your chest, but I had a secret weapon!

On a visit to Leiston Abbey, now in ruins I and my friends were able to help the Abbot and his charges, all ordained priests to depart and it was their gift to me of a portal through which the Legion finally decided to head in the direction of their ultimate destination back to the Akasha barracks.

It is quite amazing how we by just our presence alone can affect the dimensional interchanges that are needed for healing to take place, witness the two properties here in Spain that needed our help to make them habitable again both physically and spiritually.

Often though in a country like this it’s their own 19th Century paperwork, or lack of it, that can’t catch up with the 21st Century living spaces to make them legal!

Whoever and wherever you visit: Seek happiness for yourself and for others as we do with Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. Wonderful memories. and York is such a remarkable city seeped in so much History.. 🙂 thank you for sharing David


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