Is this how we respond to those fleeing violence and war
Those whose families are torn apart, shot or drowned
Does our European Compassion show in razor wire
Are we now fenced in even from our neighbours
What happened to the European Union?

Where would you stand with thousands at your gate
Exhausted, hungry, cold and lost not knowing where they are.
How would you like to stand where they are standing now
Would you be prepared to take their unbelievable risks
Crossing the sea, walking for miles only to meet a fence?

There are those from many countries in distress
Not even speaking the same language, not understanding
But they are in this unspeakable trauma together
They have to help each other as best they can
Sharing what they can find to eat and to drink
Living without dignity on the handouts of charity.

When those in the palaces of power cannot even agree
How to cope with so many who are forced to flee
They don’t want bouquets of any kind least of all, NO!
I say again where is our empathy, but for the sake of …
There go the rest of us and how would we cope
In their situation, we would probably not survive.

Put yourself in their place, put yourself in their mind
Put yourself in not being able to wash yourself
Put yourself in not being able to change your clothes
Put yourself in not getting the medication you need
Put yourself in the corridors of power.
Now what is your answer?
© David Tenneson 2015.


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Devonian writer
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6 Responses to BOUQUET of BARBED WIRE

  1. Wonderful words dear David.. And you know my heart agrees with every one of them.. ❤


  2. eugene1492 says:

    There go the rest of us and how would we cope
    In their situation, we would probably not survive.

    Strong words and well put, said Kim. Yes, they are very strong and some of us will close eyes and ears to avoid seeing and hearing the suffering of thousands. Life goes on, they say, and turn away from what seems one of the greatest tragedies of our New Century.
    Our Planet has known many wanderings and History has reported how infamous some have been. We all remember those People fleeing persecutions, leaving behind all that was theirs, finding themselves on foreign soil where they were not always welcome. We thought it would never happen again The scars from the recent past are not healed yet and already new wounds make Humanity bleed.

    Technology has invented robots who show feelings but where are our feelings or have we also become robots? One may wonder!

    Thank you, David, for reminding us that we are all humans and that what happened to “THEM” today, tomorrow may well happen to “US”. If we can’t find LOVE in our hearts maybe FEAR might make us more understanding.

    Much light and even more love I wish for us all.



  3. kim881 says:

    Strong words, well put, David. Kim 🙂


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