What is it that pleases you?

We were too ready to deprecate
Preferring to love not hate
The practice or non practice
Of celebrations of birthday
And the like of any frivolity.
Due to the following
Of one or more restriction
Called a particular religion.
For all reasons however droll
Was and is all about control
And yet many were pleased
To participate with ease!

So many have been schooled
Since their birth and fooled
Believing they should follow
Not in their own pleasure wallow.
Such draconian laws which
If not followed call them witch
Invoking lashing, stoning and death
As men look on with lascivious breath
Men are the ones pleasure was made
Not for any plain or pretty maid
So they are wrapped as a black entity
They say to preserve their purity!

Could it be the accumulation of wealth
Achieved through hard graft or stealth
What if we die tomorrow we leave it.
We know one thing, that we cannot take it.
There is a danger with pleasure for sure
That greed takes over making us impure
This is the greatest sin against the self
And mankind in general and its health.
Greed comes in so many forms
So be alert through mental storms
Better by far pleasure and its grief
Become happiness in your belief!

Pleasure in its proper place
That’s staring us in the face
She is around us in stark relief
It’s all according to your belief.
Hidden in plain sight
To some as dark as night
But to me is plain and bright
From the sun’s constant light
When you walk the meadows
Or seen through your windows
Full of wild flowers in profusion
Such happiness is no illusion.

Let your pleasure preside
From the glory resting inside
Consciousness asks for recognition
So be prepared through meditation.
Allow your pleasure to flow outside
To love one another side by side
Looking in the same direction
Whatever your predilection.
But if your pleasure is in gain
Watch with care your aim
Since greed gives nothing save voice.
Eternally yours, the gift of choice!
© David Tenneson 2015.


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  1. David.. this is indeed a very profound poem, hitting home on many truths.. and yes Greed comes in many forms.. Many hidden, as to the real reasons behind events..

    Wishing you a peaceful weekend David.. Much love your way


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